Hi guys! Sorry I didn't post for a long time. I was on a cruise for spring break. I also have exams this week. But nobody really posted anything, huh? Well, I encourage you guys to post more often please.

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I'm trying to starve myself....
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Hey Guys! The library is now open! Members may post any book they want, but please only do 1 chapter per post. For teachers, note that I shall be writing textbooks for your class. You may request the grade. If you have read a book, you may like it or comment below. I have posted my first chapter of my book, Runaway in the next post. Hope you'll enjoy!

Chapter 1: A Wish

“WHAT? YOU WANT TO SKIP SCHOOL AND GO TO THAT STUPID TRAINING FOR FREAKS?” Heather felt her temper rise inside of her. It had always been her dream to play in the Blue Games, which happened thrice each year with 3 mysterious tasks. The Blue Games was highly dangerous, and only people 18 and up could participate. Heather's teacher though, had ranked her up today and promoted in the Blue Games only to train until she was 18. “It’s not for stupid freaks, Mother.” She said through clenched teeth. “Well, I’m not sending you. Now go do your homework.” Her mother spat at her. Heather held back tears and went into her bedroom. Digging through her backpack, she took out an old journal and a tattered photo fell out. Standing in front of the Grand Clock was 10 year old Heather with her Father. In the previous year, her Father had died in a car accident on her 10th birthday. “Take care of our family for me. Make me happy. I love you, Heather.” Those were the last words that had left her Father’s lips before his breathing slowed to a stop. It had been the worst birthday in her life. Ten harsh years with her Mother, and her Father had always been the one protecting her. Then, after that, her Mother had her way. Beating her, screaming at her, she had always been a mistake to her mother. Heather took out her homework and wiped away her tears. Her eyes were heavy and she fell asleep to the howling of the wind outside.

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||General Information||
Quotes (optional): I not afraid to fight. It's not my fault that I'm better than you.
Name: Shane Malfoy
Nicknames: \
Birthday/Age: 05/16/2000 (16)
Gender: male

||Wand Information||
Core:phoenix feather core
Length:12 1/2 inch
Wood: Alderen wood
Extra Details:solid flexibility

~Color :blonde
Height: 5"9 ft/1,79m
Extra Details about them: wears a ring with a snake on it
Face Claim:me

||Personal Information||
Personality: same as Draco
Likes: quidditch, disobey orders
Dislikes: I will find it out in the rps
Strengths: /
Weaknesses: /
Bio: I am the son of Draco Malfoy
||Extra Information|| (Optional)
Relationship Status: single
Crush: /
Patronus: King Cobra
House: Slytherin
Quidditch position: seeker
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Nobody should die. Not even criminals
Like this post if you want me to die. Reshare if you care about me ( I bet +Prσвlєm Chíld​ and +Gåÿ Tråñš​ are going to like this post)

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Name: Bellatrix Rookwood


Hogwarts Year: 5

Wand: 11 1/2 Blach Walnut wood unicorn tail hair core unyielding flexibility

Pantrous: Fox

Bio: I was born to French veela Mince plus tard de bonne and metamorphgus dad Mors Tristis. When my dad was killed by Lucius Malfoy, my dad's cousin, when I was 6 my mom gave me to her sister Fausse bonté until I was 10. I moved to Britain with my new mom because she wanted me to enroll at hogwarts. My real famiyl followed and adapted me back from my fake mom. I have 4 sisters. I go to hogwarts

Boggart: My family dying

Blood Status: Half- breed (veela blood)

House: Hufflepuff

Nickname: Bella

Family Members: Bellatrix Rookwood, Lucius Malfoy,.... all purebloods (dad side all of them). Do I include made up charecters?
I want to be a prefecy by the way

Name: Sophie Riddle
Age: 11
House: Slytherin
Wand: 23cm, Oak wood, unicorn hair, slightly flexible
Patronus: Dolphin

OPEN RP +Irene Gonzalez and Theodosia Malfoy
What the hell is going on? I keep having memories of this girl named Harley Quin... and Sophie... wha twas here last name? I know for sure it isn't riddle. But the onyl Sophie we have in thsi school is Sophie riddle. What is going on?
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