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dunno free lineart thing??
its paint friendly

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hi im new here and i've never posted but i found a person with something called rare blue eyeball and the item is bright blue they are not wearing it but its on there trade and i got a screenshot its really weird...

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Hey everyone :)!!!
So I was wondering if some of you are interested in viewing animal jam blogs.. I spend a lot of time working on mine! well, go and check it out! (it has my face on it!) Go and check it out!
remember to share about my blog too!

For all the members of this club who have join March, 2016 or before: 
Hey everyone. Before you start talking about inactive this community has been, I have to say something- I’m sorry. I haven’t been active for a VERY long time. If I was an actual ruler of a kingdom, let’s just say that kingdom wouldn’t last very long. I want to add something that might change things up. A plot! Probably for every month or two. I will post about the plot in my next post, so newcomers won’t get confused.

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Name: Nightcall
Age: 23 moons
Gender: Female

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Name: Reptar
Age: 15
Bday: 6th of April
Reptar is a hibrid of snow leopard, 20% reptile, 2% ice ghost, shapeshifter and he can teleport.
(pic is made by my brother)

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name snow flake crystal lily
element ice
age 3 pup
gender female
likes snow family and friends
dislikes fire meanies and hot things
personality sweet kind cheerful and cute
crush none yet (open)
boyfriend looking (open)
parents none yet she is homeless (open)
bio she was abandoned with only one memory her mum telling her her name and that she is ice and to be proud
appearance in pic but smaller cause she is a pup
3 Photos - View album

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Join this club to hear discussions on dogs and puppies. SO CUTE! Also to help these animals survive, because Duchess Wingedspirit introduced me to PUPPY MILLS today, and we hate it! Post cute pics and share them, put up some documents about the pups. Be appropriate, and have fun!

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name: Chester

age:7 years

rank: pest to all clans

looks: he was made in a laboratory 

mentor: N/A
gender: male
mother: dead
father: dead
siblings: dead
sisters: dead
mate: none
crush: none
kits: none

personality: tough,harsh good-looking, very caring and nice if you get to his friend zone
bio: this tall, tough, strong male is very agressive and will kill everything that is spoted as a threath
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