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Angelon peanut color sorter Skype/Email:
Mob/WhatsApp: +86 15156871305

Kawthar Company Announces Import & Export and Trade (Egypt) has received offers for the start of nuts and dried fruits first class and excellent import ... send offers and specifications and quantities available on Emile company with thanks

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HATVIET AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS FOODS PRODUCTION TRADING SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED (VIETNUTS) is an enterprise specializing in the manufacturing and business of products from edible nuts (tree nuts) with the focus on cashew kernels.

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TAIHO Belt-type Color Sorter is now on world market, and it is more suitable for the sorting of cashew, shrimp, dehydrated vegetables etc.that is easily broken.

If you are interested to have more details, please contact our sales manager by Email:

Contact: Jay Sun
Hefei Taihe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Tel/Fax: +86 551 65399015
Mobile: +86 18356136099
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