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It was Yuuki's first day at Yokai academy and he was a little excited that he was excepted into an academy so soon. As he rode on the bus to the academy, he looked around as he saw the big forest that surrounded the academy and he wondered why it was like that, but he then shrugged and didn't worry about it to much. He stretched as he got off the bus and then looked around. Alright, today is my first day at Yokai, hopefully I don't get picked on like I always do. he sighed and then smiled as he walked through the forest to the academy.

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Name: Yuuki
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Classroom: 120
Species: Human
Likes: Music, likes to walk around the forest at night.
Dislikes: Bullies, people who stab him in the back.
Sexuality: bi
Personality: Yuuki is a shy person and he mostly keeps to himself, but he's a good person once you get to know him.
Bio: When Yuuki was little, his parents died in a terrible accident. He lives on his own in the human world and mostly keeps to himself. One day, Yuuki was accepted into Yokai academy and wondered what it would be like. He left his house a few days later to get on the bus and go to Yokai academy. It was going to be his first day at the school, so he didnt rrally know what to expect. When he was dropped off at the bus stop he wondered why the academy was surrounded by a forest. He then started to walk towards the academy smiling.

Name: Kage Doragon (translates to shadow dragon).

Nickname: Shade, Shadow, Dragon, Shade Dragon, Shadow Dragon, King of Shadows, Shadow King, and Lizard breath (a name given by convenient bullies).

Quote: shadow is my domain... you play with me in the dark, you get the king of shadows!

Gender: male.

Age: 16.

Height: 4'11.

Weight: 127.84 lbs

Physique: fit.

Crush: Mizore.

Personality (human form): somewhat greedy, scaredy cat, nervous, shy, quiet, talkative if you warm up to him, eccentric, tries to look for the best in any situation, and if he gets pushed around a lot in one short span of time, he will get angry and aggressive (and will also growl and snarl at people).

Personality (monster form): overly confident, eccentric, greedy, brave, is still talkative when you warm up to him, and still tries to look for the best in any situation.

The reason why he has two different personalities (one for each form) is because when he is in human form, he feels very vulnerable without his tallness, "buffness," and scales, so he acts like someone that's going through a horror movie experience.

Monster species: Man- Shadow Dragon hybrid.

Human form: skin is tan, has black hair with a dyed red strip of hair going down the middle like a Mohawk,
gold-brown eyes, a black-blue forked tongue, and a tattoo of dragon wings on his back.

Monster form: A 17'9" tall dragon that stands up on its hind legs that has black scales and a red stripe of scales running from his head to the end of his tail, has hooked claws, a blade on the end of his tail, his wings are tipped with spikes, and his eyes are like Smaug's (from The Hobbit).

Abilities (monster form): has the ability to shoot a high concentration of shadow breath for up to 1 min. 30 sec., his claws can grow a coating of shadows, and can use his wings to fly.

Abilities (human form): can use shadow power (to an extent, which is shooting out thin tendrils and coating himself in a thin layer of shadow), grow claws, and spit out ink rather than shadow beams.

Name: T-600X
Alias: Jason (#7) Voorhees
Program Age: 27
Program Gender: Male
Species: Hybrid between Terminator and Angeloid
Eyes: Red, Glow red when angry or in “Rouge Mode”
Height: 7’0, 10’0 when “Rouge Mode”
Weight: 800 lbs
Clothing: Black Jacket with various metal bands and “#7” stitched on right arm, Black Jeans with blood stain on left knee, Leather Gloves, Black Steel-toe boots, Hockey Mask (Jason Voorhees)
Personality: He is a nice and very protective but not over-protective
Likes: Colder Foods like ice cream, Making new friends, Classic Cars (1960’s- 2012), Metal Music, Anime and Playing Lead Guitar or Guitar
Dislikes: Other Machines like him….Sometimes, Newer cars (2016), Playing the Piano, and Being told what to do (like master-servant)
Fears: All of his friends dying
Powers: “Rouge Mode” (This power is dangerous to his kind, it unleashes intense power that can kill a lot of people or even himself), Aura that can give him ability to manipulate fire, Wings to allow him to fly, Nanos that heal him at a faster rate but becomes armor when in “Rouge Mode”
Weapons: 2 Custom Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotguns, 2 Executioners fixed to hold 12-Gadge rounds, 2 Five-Sevens, Lever pump-action shotgun (8-Gauge), Spaz-12 shotgun, Machete, Barrett 50. Cal, Combat Knife that can hack electronics but not machines, and Minigun attached to left arm when in “Rouge Mode”
Distinct Features: Big scar across his face, Exposed endoskeleton on left arm (his preference), Long black hair with red on the tips, Mick Thompson’s mask when he wants to play either guitar, Tattoo on his neck (#7),
Life Span: 2 ways of living, 1.) 2 Power cells that have a Half-life of 150 years,            2.) Reactor which acts like the “Heart”
Intro Theme: KoRn - Right Now
Battle Theme: Slipknot - Before I Forget
Rival: Michael “T-XXX” Myers
Car: Carson Annihilator/Street Rod (Gloss Black)
Weakness: Hackers (They will try to hack into his system, if this happens he forces himself to restart), EMP’s (Electro Magnetic Pulse), and Magic or Sorcery
Bio: He was created by Skynet, The first T-600 to be covered with living human tissue but not ordinary human skin…. Skin from Jason Voorhees. He can defeat most advanced Terminators like the T-800, T-850, T-1000, T-X, and T-3000. But the Synapse took him out of that dimension and they gave him wings, an aura, He even developed his own personality. His old directive had been erased and given a new one but again taken and given an order to protect the people. He had been given the weapons listed above and sent out into the world. Of course the Synapse did not like this and they created another version of him to try to kill him but it failed to do so and he has hated what he is…. A Machine.

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Name: Shinku Yūgure 

Age: 17

Monster form: Devil (Human for is the same but without wings).

Pet: A cursed demon turtle.

Bio: Shinku is a charismatic and insane guy, who is great with a katana and even better with a gun. He is funny, quick thinking, insane and damn good fighter !!!

Powers: Manipulation, Charm and Flight (with wings).

Weapons: Luger and duel katanas that connect at the hilts. 

Teacher, Student: Student.
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