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Dear Friends,
these are the feature add to VR Pad station in last release . Enjoy to test it and send us some feedback so we can improve the quality of user experience :) 

Version 2.0.4
- Corrected gimbal settings layout on smartphones
- Added waypoint commands
- Long click on a waypoint in the list opens an editing dialog
- Option for setting the zoom when auto-pan is enabled
- Added option during the generation of polygon for set the altitude
- Added, where available, range/units/values of parameters
- 3D map in some areas with normal map type
- Now you can interact with map in the VR Radio, if RC override is not enabled
- Fixed an error in VR Radio where the channels goes directly from RC_MIN to RC_MAX
- Added failsafe and sensors status into HUD
- Added HDOP indication in the action bar
Version 2.0.3
- New waypoints editing tab
- Moved calibration and parameters tab inside GCS settings
- Removed servo and channels tab, and inserted in overview tab
- Added gimbal configuration settings
- Sorted params list
- Added params description
- Fixed the rc override
- Fixed minor bugs
Version 2.0.2
- Fixed some major bugs
- New graphics and layouts
- Only compatible with tablets
- Added radio override button
- Fixed updates of flight modes labels inside the radio
- Added a first version of follow me
Version 2.0.1
- Grafics improvement;
- Added Hybrid Loiter flight mode;
- Fixed drone track not showed;
- Fixed other minor bugs

Hello I'm wandering why the app won't work with smartphone since the last updated?

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Dear Friends,
today we release a major release of VR Pad Station 2.0.3 update your app with new revision now we solve some bugs and support smartphone again.


Dear Friend,
today we release a new revision of code where solve the problem of VR Radio about the end of VR Radio RC Channel ,and reactivate the follow me functionality for advanced beta test ... update your app by playstore best

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Last update on VR radio RC module now is possible to configure the fly mode in option and enable or disable manually the Virtual RC ovverride.
Luciano can you check if you prefer this approach ? 
Screenshot VR Pad Station rev 2.0.2
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Screenshot VR PAD Station rev 2.0.1
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Lunciano told me that on APM if you switch to VR Radio when go out of app you cannot retake control by standard RC radio , this is an alfa revision before to test in flight check it in simulator enviroment or doing only pre flight check as doing by Luciano please. 
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