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Who enrolled in the new course?

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Hello everyone! Here's my booklet :) 
Final Booklet Whoami
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and here is my little booklet +Stefano Mirti +Anne-Sophie Gauvin :-)
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finally my booklet +Stefano Mirti and +Anne-Sophie Gauvin 
finally my booklet
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hello again!

here is a list to the final booklets

i've collected 21 for now,
some from the community,
some i received by email.

if you made one and can't find it on the document i've shared,
could you please add it directly there?

thank you


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A preview for final booklet and link to download pdf:
FinalBooklet #ArchitectureBetweenTheSeaAndTheSky
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dear all,

last night, we made an experiment.
sometimes they work, other times, they don't.

this time, bound by wild desire, somethings went wrong. 
we tried to put too many things together, to use too many platforms,
and we were not able to properly manage (and adapt) to the situation.

but thanks to you for being there!
now, we know what not to do for our next online parties...

many things to improve, and this is very good!


regarding our article for abitare,
we started putting down some thoughts.

if we keep doing so in the next 2-3 days, 
by monday we should have enough material to work with.
a collection for us to cut / paste / re-organize 

work on bits and pieces and reflections,
images and feelings, to start conversations,
non-linear fragments of / and memories...

i will be joining you very soon, tonight or tomorrow


once again,thank you for yesterday, 
it was a very educational experiment.


Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire

hello everyone!
I lost my internet connection yesterday after our crash.. so, there are my thoughts about our summercamp!
Just like +Molly Ross I was jealous too see all the pretty stuff you made in Siracusa.. but I know soon we will get another chance to meet!

Being part of "the move" since Design101 (and being proud about it!) maybe I started this summercamp waiting for more- in the Design101 way- literaly.. but having another way to work, and seeing all your hardwork and many many other ways to think and share your pictures made me push myself out of my comfort zone and came out with things and thoughs I didn't expected!

As a 'student' of the online part only, I think that we missed the presentations and concepts of +Stefano Mirti and +francesco librizzi in Siracusa, and I would Loved that the online-offline part had this little close link. I would loved to get also the text contents you share and the lessons on video (not only your presentations, maybe a Live Streamming or record would work perfectly to know the other participants comments).. but I cannot say that I didin't enjoy all of your pictures and daily actualizations here!!

So, thank you so much for the Experience!
It is a really preasure for me to open my mind to your way of learning and to be part of this selected group of people working together!!
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