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Observe the Shape, the Colours, the Shades, the Skies and the Seas. Here, during my first online summer camp, I learned to do this. Fix, Socialize, Imagine, Get inspired, learn from the others and try to do my best. New feelings...Blue Feelings! I know, sometimes my head is in the Clouds, and maybe for this reason I'm in late or I don't finish what I started...but We always do this? Don't We? Getting lost...Finding ourselves Again and Again... Now, I'm just Wondering...What if there were no difference between Dream and Reality? What if there were no difference between the Sea and the Sky? Thanks to everyone, to Stefano, Francesco, Anne-Sophie and to my online mates :)

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My Final Booklet - Architechture Between the Sea and the Sky
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then it was fun to transform the tasks into 3D...
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i liked collecting lots of images and making collages to be able to complete the daily task...

About the summer camp (offline) dynamics, I think the fact of we don't know what exactly happens next (in the other day or in the next hours) Was very good to maintain the tension and don't give a chance to lost time in things that was not important. Was like, "I need to make this and I need to make this now because tomorrow we will need to make other things that we don't know if is easy, hard or what" :)

Why do we come to these online educational communities? For me I'm very curious about how this experience functions as professional development for working artists--those not currently in educational programs--those who have most likely completed their education but find themselves needing to be challenged and stimulated.   

Everyone could start by posting some note on a part of this experience

To me, it has been a great experience.
Both the digital part as well as the workshop in Siracusa.

Because of the weekly challenges on-line, I had to develop a new technique (my Instagram pictures made with Bazaart).

Then, there was the week in Siracusa where we worked very hard.
A lot of chitchat, ideas, emotions.

Later on in the summer, when I was on my own, I organized my ideas and imagination and the result of the whole process you see it in the two booklets I shared with you.


I Siracusa I was suprised by the metal profiles and concrete boards. I guess I din't  expects that we will actually built something in real scale... :)
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