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The Vampire Wars have stretched far and long in the history of this world. Before the conflict, the three vampire courts remained secret from the human world. But when they were discovered by a group of humans war quickly ensued, as the humans felt threatened by the presence of the creatures. The events that followed were those of mass genocide. The world saw them as evil, and so they became it. After nearly being wiped out, the vampires held a council. The Red and Black Courts were adamant that the humans be wiped out and a new food source found, though the White Court thought the humans served more purpose than simply acting as food. Outraged by this, the Red and Black Courts now hunt the White Court as well as the Human Coalition. As the White Court could not easily stand against the other two Courts alone, they sought to join the humans and would aide them in the destruction of the Red and Black courts in exchange for being allowed to survive the coming purge and coexist with humans. The humans agreed and now, war is upon us. With their combined might, the humans and the White Court quickly dealt with the Red and Black Courts. Seeing that they needed something more to help them, the Black Court began taking human thralls and minions to fight for them. This is where you come in. Pick a side and a find your reason to fight. We all have one, even if it is purely survival. 

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Name: Marth Ambrose, The White King
Gender: Male
Species: White Court Vampire
House: Malvor
Weapon: Fists and spirit magic
Bio: After the discovery of his heritage, Marth found he was rather unwelcome in the Court. He was weak as a vampire and barely surviving. He sought to the arcane arts for help. He devoted several years of his life to the study of magic, though the field was too broad for him to cover and he wanted to get into house Malvor as fast as possible. So he focused on whatever would help him in combat. Then after weeks of searching, he was fed up. It wasn't that he couldn't find a solution, but he had no talent for magic. Everything he tried to cast blew up in his face. So, desperate for help Marth sought answers from the Down Below. He spent months creating a ritual to summon a demon. Hoping for one that could aid him. And he found exactly what he was looking for in Mal’Kathalas, a demon with a talent for spirit magic. The two made a pact and got to work exploring Marth’s powers. He now continues to explore the powers granted to him, unaware of the demon’s agenda. (This will sometimes come up in decision making the demon will be signified by Italics) His place in House Malvor means he primarily feeds on fear, thus his ability to intimidate others is unprecedented. This has earned him the title "The Pressuring Malvoran". After several hundred years he eventually came to become the White King, head of the White Court.


The Human Coalition
The HC are the military force brought together by the world government and specially  trained to hunt and kill vampires. They have existed for several hundred years, and have been fighting for just as long. They have different companies that specialize in fighting one of the two Courts, though each can hold their own against any vampire. There's the Huntsmen who are adept at hunting down and dealing with Red Court vampires and are given small doses of Red Court saliva during their training, allowing them to build up a natural resistance to it, and the Journeymen, a collection of holy men and monks who combat the Black Court with their faith. Then there's the Werewolf Corps, an especially elite group of soldiers who were willing to undergo genetic experimentation to become warriors able to stand up to the vampire courts on an even playing field. Those who survive the process gain the ability to transform into a human-like wolf at will, and some even retained small benefits of the transformation in their human form as well. Others were unlucky enough to be completely compatible with the modified genes and are permanently stuck in their wolf form. The werewolf corps does not specialize in fighting any one court, but instead train to combat the vampire menace as a whole. Becoming masters of hand-to-hand combat and swordplay. 

Black Court:
Basically super zombies that are what Bram Stoker based the book Dracula off of. They are affected by everything Dracula was in the book. Sunlight will often kill new vampires, but older more experienced ones are merely weakened by it, albeit a lot. They possess immense strength, able to throw a car with only one hand and smash through solid concrete unscathed. They are affected by objects of Faith, such as a cross, garlic, etc. But they have an uncanny talent for mind control, enthralling lesser creatures to be slaves or foot soldiers. While they possess immense strength, they are very fragile due to their state if decay. The Black Court is very few in number due to Stoker's publication of Dracula and have a hard time bolstering their numbers with the amount of ease that comes with hunting them.

Vampires in WoD are split into three sub-races, or courts. Thank you to the Dresden Files for featuring an amazing line-up of vampires for us to use instead of the usual bland versions. More information on each Court can be found in a link to the wiki at the start of their respective post.
EDIT: We are currently looking for a king for the Red Court and a queen for the White Court, and are taking applicants. They will be given moderator status so they must be trustworthy people with a character in their court.

Red Court:

Bat-like beasts that wear masks made of flesh to blend into society. Red Court vampires are very strong, through not as strong as the Black Court, fast, and very durable. Where Black Court vampires are walking corpses and just as frail, Red Court vampires are protected by armor covering their bodies, except it does not cover their bellies. They also possess an addictive saliva which basically a potent magical narcotic. The Red and White Courts are not affected affected by Holy objects, garlic, running water, fire, etc. Red Court vampires feed on blood through biting their victim. Victims bit by a Red Court become infected with the virus and gain some of the benefits, enhanced strength, speed, and stamina, less effective saliva, etc, and do not become full Red Court vampires until their first feeding, which will probably kill the victim. 

White Court:
White Court Vampires are very different from other vampires. Mainly because White Court vampirism is genetic and very hereditary. Their vampirism is passed through their families. White Court vampires do not feed on blood, but instead feed off of negative emotion and their victims natural life span. White Courts are split into several houses, for this RP we will be using the following houses: Skavis who feed on despair, Malvor who feed on fear, and Raith who feed on lust. White Courts can feed *only* on the emotion tied to their house. It is possible for them to feed on other emotions, but for some reason that is taboo and they cannot feed on positive emotion like happiness and love(There is a reason for this but we will get to that later). White Court characters *MUST* specify their house to be accepted. White Court vampires are completely unaffected by sunlight and objects of faith. They receive little in the way of enhanced physical abilities, they are slightly stronger than a professional athlete of the same build but not much more. Though they have the power to incite emotion in lesser creatures,(Do not do this to a PC without permission) and feed off of that emotion. While they are not affected by sunlight and the like, they possess a weakness to the emotion opposite to the one their house feeds on. People showing this emotion are immune to the vampire's control, and can even burn and blister the vampire by touching them, though this will not kill them. So for example, Malvoran vampires are hurt by True Courage, thus it is important for them to be intimidating. Likewise, Raith is affected by Hope, and Skavis is affected by True Love. White Court vampires are not made, but born. A White Court vampire will not become a full vampire until their first feeding, much like Red Court vampires. The only difference being that White Court virgins can be cured by experiencing emotion that contradicts their House. For example, if a Virgin of house Skavis fell in love, they could be cured of their vampirism and live a normal human life.

We are currently looking for a King of the Red Court and a queen of the White Court. These two will be given moderator status so they must be people I can trust and will have a character in the court they have kingship over.
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