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Name- Naad
Age- 4000 years.
Race- Demon (balrog)
Homeland- Deep underground in mordor.
Weapon- Fire sword and whip.  
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Name: Aria
Age: As old as the first elves but as young as spring
Race: half Elven half Faerie
Homeland: Mirkwood
Bio/Legend: She is the last of an ancient race known as Fae which were half Elven and half Faerie and lived immortal lives. Though they never aged they could die only by a dark blade. Aria is the last because her people left long ago to flee the greed and hate and violence of men but she stayed for she thought that maybe the race of men could be saved. She used her magic to help them survive harsh winters and summers and to grow crops. But one day she vanished after a greedy king tried to capture her and keep her for himself. She is rumored to be wandering Mirkwood waiting to help lost travelers and heroes.
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i think this community should be revived 

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Name: Hoarmurath, the shadow lord (one of the nine)

Age: about 1,050 years (probably not accurate)

Race: dark soul (a spirit summoned by Sauron of one of the great kings of men)

Homeland: Mordor


Thank you for accepting my request for membership to the group. :) Appreciate it.

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,"Tears cannot put out a fire."

,"A word spoken can never be taken back."

,"Of a small spark, a great fire and He who plays with fire may become its victim."

Name: Ameenah McMillan

Age: 14

Gender: female

Race: African American/Human

• NewYork
• Mirkwood

Height: 5"4

Weight: 650 kg

Weapon: wooden staff

Personality: Silent type unless your a friend, Shy with a bad temper, Cocky,and Determined

Alignment: Good

Appearance: Mid-Skin, short, wear's a kemar, mostly seen on earth in a gray-blue jacket with khaki or black pants. Also has a Phoenix tattoo on her back

Bio:She was born August 13, 2000 in New York City and was homeschooled until her mother passed away. She is the second oldest among her four siblings and lives with her father in a small apartment. Spends most of her time on the internet in her own fantasy world. One day she was walking her dog to the park and she walks into a portal. She ended up in a place called middle earth and has no way of returning home. She was discovered by legolas and a group of other elves. Since she can't go home she starts living in Mirkwood.

The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy (lyrics):

Ben Cocks - So Cold (with lyrics):

Christina Perri - Human Lyrics:

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Thanks for accepting me!^~^

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Name: Danny Grey
Gender: Male
species human
Bio was Known to have met with Gandalf and helped in the fight for the otherworld
Weapons: battle axe, Sword, and Bow with arrows( bow also has blades on either side of it
Skilled in sword play and magic
allegiance to the dwarves and elves

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Name: Aragorn
Race: human
Homeland: I was raised in Rivendell, but now I am king of Gondor
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