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AZip 2.15 - Improvements in the search tool.

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Unbounded strings direct access library for Ada
Breaking bad with Ada 2012 references
Borrowing pointers from Unbounded_String
Constructing fat pointers

Safer and more correct way to manipulate unbounded strings than Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Aux.

Read-only usage: To_String_View (Value_1) can replace To_String (Value_1), eliminates data copy while enforcing correctness (unbounded string is locked until Ada 2012 reference expires). In contrast to Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Aux, only provides read-only access to fixed string.

Read-write usage:

Value_1_Editor : String_Editor (Value_1'Access);
Value_1_Edit : String renames Value_1_Editor.Edit;
Value_1_Edit (2) := 'S';

Borrows pointer on initialization and returns it on finalization. In contrast to Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Aux, makes sure the string is unique.

GNAT.SPITBOL makes heavy use of Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Aux, that seems to be fine for real-world library. I was missing some features, and I felt like I could do better.

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AdaGate on github: Charge of the Minotaur
[updated with smoking nostrils] :

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Here a screenshot of Ada PDF Writer ( ) in action !
Here a parcel label - courtesy .

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Release #004 of the Ada PDF Writer.
Change: integrated a fix by Giuseppe Cannone to pass a PDF validation test.

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LEA v.0.65
* Find & Replace box is now fully functional
* First binary distribution with an integrated mini-compiler
Download the new version of LEA at
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