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redoing profile to fit new template

Name: Randy

Age: 18

Height: 5'8

Weight: 128 (lithe)

Clan: silver wolf

Rank: (Will be given to you)

Powers: shadow walk (instant travel between shadows)
shadow meld (can turn into a shadow, can latch onto the shadows of living people at the cost of heavy energy usage)

Abilities: shadow clone (creates a duplicate of himself in his place to distract or escape)
time travel (only used in very dire situations)

Weaponry: silenced sniper rifle, twin katanas, magic spellbook


Name: razor

Age: unsure

Species: green-furred Spirit Wolf

Powers: telepathic link with Randy
time travel

Bio: Razor was once part of a dying species in a doomed timeline before just barely escaping to our timeline

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((T^T This is a recreation sigh because apparently the first one wasn't good enough...))

Name: Tempest B. Azure

Age: 18

Height: 6'2

Weight: 190 lbs

Eye color: Green (the whites turn black when excited or by force)

Hair color: Pink

Personality: Calm/insane

Likes: doesn't particularly like anything

Dislikes: Only hold hate towards a specific person

Armor: An all black armor with a skeletal mask (pictures 2 and 3) looking into the wearers eye's while the mask is on will show you your greatest fears and slowly making you insane

Weapons: Twin katanas a cursed great katana that oozes mans impurities a large black and white 16-17th century pistol a steam punk era pistol that judges weather you live or die (is dodge able)

Abilities/powers: all physical abilities are super heightened has sixth sense knows a series of sword stances his cursed great katana has small traces of shadow manipulation basically just increased sword length his judgement pistol is a pistol that judges you by your good and bad deeds and decides whether you live or die the mask gives the wearer the ability to make anyone that looks into his eye's witness there greatest fears slowly making them insane driving them to the brink of death (Last one cannot be used in PvP)

Bio/Origin: When Tempest was born the whites of his eye's were as black as the darkest abyss there was a tattoo on his back that resembled an old family crest that was forgotten at the age of ten he unknowingly killed his whole clan the only survivor was his father he sold him to the silver wolf clan and was raised as there own he eventually became the younger brother to ( +Jessica Melissa Pierce sorry don't know your oc's name) he eventually left becoming clanless he became a contractor hunting rogue clans men and crippling nations over night ((can't lie tho that bio is pretty sexy))
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Profile up date
Name: leon saldavar
Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 186
Clan: golden lion
Rank: never assigned
Powers/Abilities: can emit eather a plinding light or a focused beam like a lazor and basic contole of light swordsman
Weaponry: a sword and two pistols
Bio: Leon was kidnapped at a Yong age and was trained to do nothing but kill his target this was his life till his 20th birthday e
When he decided to kill his would be masters and walk out and that to go join a organization of his own free will
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Name: Alexandria Swift
Age: 27
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs
Clan: Silver Wolves
Rank: Leader
Powers/Abilities: Time control, sneakiness, shadow manipulation, marksman, swordsman
Weaponry: Bow and arrow, elven throwing knives, katana, elven long sword, twin pistols, sniper rifle
Bio: Alexandria was born into the Silver Wolves as a servant's child. When she was five, her mother died and the leader took pity on her. She began training immediately. At age 7, she learned how to use a sword. At age 9, she learned to use a bow and arrow. At age 10, she learned to fire a gun. At age 14, she was taught how to throw knives. At age 17, she fired a sniper rifle for the first time. When she turned 21, she challenged the current Wolf leader and lost. She was exiled and told never to return. Six years later she returned and challenged the leader again. The clan was about to behead her when the leader accepted. Alex won and took her rightful place as leader.
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Location: Inner city

I walk through the city leaving a pile of corpses as I make my way to the castle my green eye's shine under the night sky I walk into the chamber watching the king stand there smiling

King: The death god's reaper....and what have I done to have you stand before me

My voice is slightly distorted and hollow from the mask Your hands are stained with the blood of the innocent and for must be judged I pull out my judgement pistol green flames burst out the back of the bullet holes as the cartridge spins accelerating at high speeds then suddenly stops Guilty The bullet fires at blinding speed shattering the walls as the recoil pushes me back 20 feet I holster the weapon waiting for the smoke to clear

King: I hope that wasn't it stands there unamused with a sword in his hand that oozed spacial energy charges swinging the sword in rapid succession cutting the cloak open and the hoodie off revealing the mask

I grab his head staring into his eye's making him kneel black mist flows out of the mask into his eye's showing him his fears and giving him the same pain he gave to his kingdom a grin forms on my face hidden by the mask You have received judgement my king

King: falls back hitting the ground as his body twitched his eye's turned completely black as black tears flow out the cracks of his eye's

I sit in his throne fixing my cloak and my hoodie as I hold his sword twirling and looking at it Very strong indeed

(( +Jessica Melissa Pierce I kind of want to RP with you if your free but anyone can comment idc))

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Name: Tempest B. Azure

Nickname: The Death God's Reaper

Age: 17

Height: 6'1

Armor: Wears gauntlets leg armor and an all black mask with a hood and a full body cloack

Hair color: Pink

Eye color: Green

Weapons: God's Bane (an all white 4ft sword that changes from a bow to a sidearm) Satan's betrayal (an all black 4ft sword changes into a spear and twin spears)

Abilities: all natural/physical abilities are super heightened

Career/Job: Clan's men killer

Personality: Calm/insane (duel personality)

Clan: Clanless

Bio: He was the next head of the Azure family a noble family that was very wealthy family that was cheated into bankruptcy he was eventually sold off as a mercenary

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is listening and lip-syncing to some music that is playing on full volume in the main room (song that's playing:

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Name: red blade (but you can call her isumi)
Weight: 80 pounds
Height: 5'5
Rank: bronze stallion (leader)
Abilities: the ability to sneak up really fast and use weapons in a fast form no other can
Weapons: you may see them in the pictures
Powers: to control lightning
Bio: is better if you don't know

Age: unknown
Weight: unknown
Height: it can change but originally is 5'7
Rank: pet
Abilities: to fight whit such other treats that the owner can't
Power: It can run like the speed of lightning and can electrocute threats that I can't fight 

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