Feature Requests... please work on improving the Android Auto side of the player, just simple things. a) When playing playlists display the playlist name in the view in the corner. b) When selecting a playlist/album etc start playing it straight away, instead of having to select the track (thereby reducing the number of button presses when driving). c) When playing a playlist/album etc, automatically go on to the next album in the folder, don't just sit there stopped. These changes would make the experience almost perfect thanks :) Fab app thank you x

I mainly use your app for playing podcasts as it has airplay support.
A few feature request for podcasts

A. Have a Mark as played/unplayed toggle for each episode
B. Add pidcsrt episodes to playlist or at least "play next"
C. Give more options to podcast layout screen. Show as tiles (with artwork) and give the user the ability to rearrange their order.

Thank you for a great product!

Android Scrobbling

Hi Team,

Where is the best place to engage with your developers to discuss scrobbling?

We provide an application that receives scrobble events and one of our mutual users noticed that when using our app on Android it does not receive scrobble events from doubleTwist. The reason for this is that doubleTwist does not broadcast a general scrobble intent, but targets specific applications like LastFM or ScrobbleDroid, unlike Google Music and other players that do send a general broadcast.

Our mutual users and I would like to see if doubleTwist could do a general scrobble broadcast.



Sort Albums by Year, as a general setting.
doubleTwist Player for Android has become my preferred player, finally doing everything I wanted, including managing compilation albums in a way that no other players seemed to.
My default view is by Album Artist. I'd love it if I could specify that the albums under each artist could default to Sort By Year. I can do this manually per Artist, but it would make much more sense if this could be a settable option.
By no means is this critical, but it would be a great option to have.

I like the custom lock screen but it doesn't work if the Android phone has a password on it. Plus it doesn't override the swipe up action either.

So if your driving, you press the right side button, then swipe up, then you get your screen. Too many steps.

So it should override the whole lock screen process when songs are playing and when you press your unlock button, then a passcode screen then pops up like the regular lock screen.

Also, remove or make the time stamp smaller or move to the upper left/right corner so it is easier to see the album cover. It makes it easier to decide which song you want.

Otherwise, I love the ability to swipe the album cover to go forwards and backwards.

First of all I am completely in love with this app! Thank you for creating such a fully rounded application that is so intuitive.
I just wanted to request some additional features for the podcast player. It would be great if you would be able to add:
- Bookmarks, so I can skip to specifically created times in podcasts.
- A play button that resumes the most recently played podcast so I can switch between music and podcasts easily.
- A filter option that only shows downloaded episodes.
Thanks again!

Please bring back WBRU in the streaming radio section (wbru.com). Their FM frequency was sold but they still operate online, and the stream was working as of yesterday via DT! They have been a crucial part of Rhode Island's radio culture for 50 years!

I like using doubleTwist to keep all my podcasts in one place, but there are some features (considered standard elsewhere) that I really wish the podcast player had.
1. Display the full date, with year, that each episode aired.
2. Include an option for autoplay of the next episode in a podcast. I'm tired of having to open my phone again to find the next one, especially if I'm doing something with my hands like cooking or riding a bike.
3. Show the description of the episode in the playback window, not just the podcast list.

Please consider implementing these changes! I think a lot of people would agree that they are necessary.

Hello! I have idea for Cloudplayer - best music app ever.
In Magic Radio section needed Favourites subsection and to any radiostation include option add this radiostation to Favourites. Now without this feature i should every time type my favorite station name into search box and locate it in search results.

Lyric support!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD SUPPORT FOR LYRICS! People have been begging you for this since 2013!

Specifically the lyrics embedded in the song's tags/metadata.
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