Problem with playlists
As suggested to an answer for a previous question of mine, I downloaded the latest version of the program, but the problem remains;
It doesn't recognise my previous playlists. It can'find them even when I do the reset of the linrary. Is there a way I can fix that?

Hi, There is some music files in my collection that were managed with MediaMonkey program. These songs have ratings set in the MediaMonkey style (MediaMonkey saves the rating in the file ID3 TAG).
Now i've these songs in Itunes music library and some have another rating set via Itunes.
The funny thing is that when I sync the songs, the android app doubleTwist Pro shows the old MediaMonkey rating (it's written in the file) instead of the new Itunes rating.

One more thing, some time ago i used only MediaMonkey and its android app, but although i like a lot MediaMonkey desktop, the android app its insanely slow if you have a big collection, ugly, and have a lot of errors with artwork.

I found your android app and it's all that i ever want, so i move back to Itunes.
The perfect world would be:
-Uninstall Itunes.
-Manage my music with MediaMonkey desktop.
-Sync MediaMonkey playlists, ratings both ways and songs with AirSync.
-Listen music with android DoubleTwist Pro.

What do you think? It's possible to be compatible with MediaMonkey in the future?
Thank you very much.

Hi. I have a great problem with launching online radio on my device. When I'm trying to open local radiostations (Ukraine, Kyiv) with 3g internet, player raises a message: skip (mobile internet is off). So the only way to listen radio it's to connect by WiFi.
I haven't any problems with apps that use mobile internet before. Kindly ask you to solve this issue in nearest releases.

Environment: OnePlus 5, Android 7.1.1, doubleTwist Pro v 3.0.4.

Heyo - just checking in to see if doubleTwist WiFi sync still requires the device screen to be held awake?


Hey - I'm a new user of DoubleTwist Pro after a recent change from iOS devices to Android. I saw a doubletwist blog entry that said something about DoubleTwist (2.x) will create m3u files for playlists copied from iTunes. Does that still happen with DoubleTwist 3.x? I can't find any in my SD card Android folder.

It seems like I can only see the playlists when I am using doubletwist, not any other music player app. I'd really like the flexibility to see those playlists if I happen to use another music player.

Hello - I have been using doubletwist to sync itunes from windows 10 PC to MotoG phone for a couple of years with no problem. However for the last couple of weeks here is what's happening:
- iTunes works fine on PC - including playlists.
- syncing to MotoG with doubletwist shows all the playlists and reports
successful sync.
- opening doubletwist on MotoG, playlists are not visible but music is there (by song, album etc)

Here is what I have done:
- made sure there is only one library.xml file on PC and music is in "default"
- toggled itunes button on PC to allow sharing on and off to force updating of
xml on PC.
- deleted doubletwist library files (reset library) per instructions on web site.
- completely uninstalled all music and doubletwist from MotoG and re-installed
/ copied / synced.

I still cannot see the playlists in doubletwist on the phone.

Any ideas? Thanks!

I'm new to doubleTwist. I'm wanting to sync my iTunes library and playlists to my Google Pixel. I am using macOS Sierra 10.12.6. I went through the whole air sync process. It seemed successful, but when I checked the doubleTwist app on my phone, none of my playlists were there. It seemed like nothing had changed. Any tips?

How do I get the program doubletwist to give me access to the last image on this link:

Hi, trying to get your doubletwist to detect my iTunes library and noticed that Avast has picked up and blocked OpenCandy in your installer - any thoughts?

I want to transfer my music on double twist from my android phone to my android tablet. How do I do that?
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