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We pushed a new CloudPlayer update that brings a major improvement to OneDrive first-time import, making import of MP3/M4A audio tracks lightning fast. Artwork import and indexing of FLAC lossless audio is slower and we're working on optimizing it for a future release. We also added a brand new blue theme!

Happy listening!

Duplicate Offline files with Cloudplayer

I noticed a shortage of storage on my device and didn't believe the source. Fx file manager is reporting that most of the Offline files that I have asked Cloudplayer to download are duplicated. Is this a known problem or a situation that can occur if a certain set of circumstances happen? How can I avoid this? Thanks.

My Google Drive songs are not playing anymore for some reason. Any ideas? The load stream thing is shown but then the songs are skipped.

I do believe this is the best cloud player in the market (I have tried several others) however there is one major issue with using Google Drive. Cloud Player does not detect and sync changes made in Google Drive. For example, if I create a new folder in Google Drive and move existing Mp3s to this folder I should see these changes in Cloud Player. Instead Cloud Player keeps everything the same as when it performed the initial scan. Mp3s that were moved in Google Drive appear in their previous location in Cloud Player but do not play. Is there a chance this will be fixed soon?

The only solution I have found is to unlink Google Drive and relink it but this takes 4-5 days and is not a good solution.

Since the latest update of cloud player,
a good amount of my mp3s saved on my onedrive will not allow to forward
through the song to other minutes of the song. It will automatically start the song over when i do this. Some mp3s are like this now and other mp3s are not.
I was always able to do this until now. Any idea how to fix this?

Its on my galaxy 7 edge.

I can't see any of my files on Cloudplayer. I have both Dropbox and Google Drive activated. I have mp3 files on both accounts. I can't see anything. Why is that? How can I solve that?

I've added new songs to my phone (Droid turbo) but they don't show in the Cloud Player. How do I move them into Double Twist Cloud Player.?

I've renamed a folder on Google Drive. New music files (MP3) then showed up under the new name whereas the old files were still listed under the old folder name. Why does CloudPlayer not realise that a folder on Google Drive was renamed? I had to ban and then unban the whole folder so that it was ok again.

Hello, Just joined en like the app. Great interface! After the first connection with OneDrive it took days to sync all my music (only 11gb). Albums with various artists where recognized as stand alone albums, so I removed the 'album artist' in the id3 tag. But again it takes hours to sync all the changes. How do I know it is syncing? Can I force it? And how can I see the progress?

If this is working as aspected, I want to upgrade to the premium version.

I'm having issues with Cloud Player playback "hanging" near the end of songs. It's like someone pressed pause and then after a minute or so (haven't timed it) it picks back up playing again.

This only happens when casting playback to a Chromecast.

I should also add this is with music files stored locally on my phone.
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