hi. Just downloaded the app and the desktop client, it imported my itunes playlists ok, but it isn't seeing my new android phone. the android file transfer program can see the phone, but doubleTwist isn't picking it up.

Any ideas?

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I am new to DT and trying to sync iTunes playlists/songs/podcasts to my OnePlus3.

I've double-checked my iTunes library location, XML files, etc. But every time I select songs/playlists and then 'Sync Now' it loads for 1-2 seconds and then says "Sync completed successfully. The device is in sync and no files were transferred."

I have gone through numerous threads and have had no luck so far understanding what I am doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Secondly, I'm wondering, is there a way to have podcasts show up separately. Right now they seem to be considered a "song" and show up in artists, songs, etc. Which is a pain to dig through.


Hey guys, switching to a new smartphone (one plus 5t). Was about to transfer playlist data for doubleTwist player pro from the com.doubleTwist.androidPlayerPro folder but I noticed that the .m3u files for some of of my latest playlists were nowhere to be found. What's the deal here? Am i doing something wrong? Please help!

Hello everybody! Lately, I've wanted to add a new album on my phone from my pc. Everything worked great but when I listened to the new songs, after a minute or so, it stopped playing. If I skipped ahead or chose other songs from the same album, same thing. Tried to resync but this time, same thing happens to other albums as well, same thing when copied and pasted manually. I tried other music players and none works. Does someone know any fixes? Or help me?

I am having an issue adding songs to a playlist. I have tried syncing from my Mac and also doing it manually within double twist on my phone. When I do it on my phone it says the song has been added but it never appears on the playlist. Any idea what is going on?

I can't get the music from my itunes on a laptop to sync properly with Samsung S4 android. It might add one or two songs but not the whole itunes library. Please help as this is incredibly frustrating and I've paid to download the app twice

Forgive me if this has been asked and answered.

I paid to upgrade to Pro because I want to stream to AirPlay. I'm trying to stream Magic Radio, The Cast button finds my AirPlay, but then I get this error message:

"An error occurred while connecting to the device "AirPort Express Music": Invalid argument

How to resolve?

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How do I subscribe to a podcast that is published to webpage, more specifically on sound cloud?

Hi. I'm new to doubleTwist and trying to get it to work with Windows 10/Google Pixel. I've downloaded the software on both ends and followed setup instructions but every time it loads my library I am unable to select the "Sync Music" box. All the numbers below appear to be correct (ie. playlists, albums, genres, etc) and I've updated the xml multiple times. I've also done almost every configuration of restarting (unplugged, plugged, locked, unlocked) and nothing seems to work. Is there something obvious that I am missing? I'd love to get this program working as the interface looks great and I've heard wonderful things. Thanks in advance!

Hello just downloaded and do not have a space in settings to enter a retail code as the email shows. Any suggestions?
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