I recently had to factory reset my tablet where I had doubletwist pro installed. Now it is not showing in my purchased list in the play store and is only available to dl if I buy again.its the same if I install free and try to upgrade.

I use an Android phone.
How to permanently delete one or more podcast episodes?

Have double twist on my Galaxy S8, just got a Galaxy Tab and my music found its way to the tablet but not my playlists. How do i get my playlists onto my tablet.

Hi friends, I'm using Cloud Player to access my Onedrive music files but for some reason the player refuses to play some specific songs and just skips them. The files work correctly if I play them from my computer or through the Onedrive app. Is there a fix to this issue?

Is there any workaround to tell from which location cloudplayer should take music? I have few million files and many folders on my gdrive, and after 2 days of syncing still didn't get this app to obtain my music...

CloudPlayer is not getting 4 MP3 files that I added recently to my Google drive folder. I've tried rescanning multiple times but it doesn't get those. Then I tried putting video in the folder and it did get that mp4 in the scan but not the MP3 files.

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Can anyone tell me how to get the below podcast url to work in Android doubleTwist? Thanks!!


I have tried syncing my iTunes playlist to my Android phone but the wrong songs sync!! Its the right artist but a completely different song than what is on my playlist. Any ideas as to why this is?

Hi everyone. I like DoubleTwist...I've had it for over six years. I want to address an issue here however of feeling like I am some kind of sub-human being, as I've made purchases on here...I'm no freeloader. In fact, among my purchases I have purchased "Pro" and other upgrades that i thought would at least keep my playlists from going blank?! And yet after years of loyalty and more, my plalists just all of a sudden went blank!

I have just purchased AirSync but I can't get it to play music on either my Airport Express (model A1392) or my Apple TV (model A1469).

These devices show up in the "Cast to" list but I get no response from them when I attempt to play music to them.

The devices are confirmed as working as they play without issue from iTunes on my Mac and from an iPhone on the same Wi-Fi network.

I am on an unrooted Pixel XL (Android Version 9).

Could you please help.

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