I've been able to sync my entire Itunes library to my android phone - HTC 10. However, I just added a new album to my itunes file, deleted a number of playlists on itunes, and made some changes in itunes to how some of the artists are titled. But the additions and changes will not move over to my android. THe new album plays on itunes, and it is in the same file as my other itunes songs. I've tried a couple of times. Double twist says it is syncing, but it doesn't appear to work.

new to doubleTwist, currently using a Mac 3.2.0 with doubleTwist pro (beta version) samsung note 8. i have 2 questions:

1. my iTunes playlist is about 100gb, and 15000 songs. it takes me about an hour each/everytime time to sync with my phone using airsync (after the initial sync which took me close to 24hrs). is this normal?

2. when i sync everything none of the play counts, ratings, or any changes i do to doubleTwist on my phone gets transferred to iTunes on my Mac. is there anyway to make it so that information gets transferred back and forth so that i don't have to do everything twice?

thank you for your time and help

Bought pro version a couple of years ago via SMS. Worked fine with every device I've owned since then. Change phone about a couple of months ago. But no album cover retrieval, that's where I noticed ad it is asking me to buy the app again. So if I already paid for it. What can I do? I'm using the same Gmail account. I just chanced the phone.

Big fan of the doubleTwist android app. Would like an option to clear deleted files from the app without doing a full reset. I thought that sync my files with the windows app might automatically clear the missing files from my doubleTwist app's library but it won't allow me to specify the specific folder I want synced (not 'My Music'). Am I missing something?

Android: Not storing Magic Radio favorites

Hi - I am certain of this now because it just happened a third time, the other two I thought I might have done something wrong. I found some stations of interest, tapped the red heart to make them favourites, double checked these new ones appeared in the favorites list at that time, but when I quit the app and started it again the ones I added had gone. There are 3 there which I did add right after I first installed it. It seems I just can't permanently store any new ones.

I have the paid version and it's up to date as at this post date.

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With the last version I cannot use doubletwist to listen to my favourite podcast..
The first time I used it, it downloaded correctly the podcast and I was able to listen a part of it.
Then, one day later I launched doubletwist again but no way to listen to my podcast.. I add the following screen (list of podcaabut without possibility to launch the two downloaded)
It was also impossible to delete them so I had to go in an other application in order to delete files..

I tried to delete app data, to unistall/reinstall the application but no way..
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Doubletwist never finishes loading my music. The program opens up and just never moves from the "loading your library" screen. I have checked and made sure that the xml file is shared on itunes. One note is that the music for my itunes is on a separate hard drive. I have 3 hard drives connected to my computer and one of them holds the music for my itunes. itunes reads and detects my music but double twist does not. Any suggestions?

Just after load the app, in my PC, the interface was totally different then the shown at the website, reason why I couldn’t set up and try the application.

AirSync does not!

This lets down an otherwise great product!

Despite my phone being assigned a static address in the router, and the android app being open on the settings page, the PC does not find it to sync to - not even right clicking on "Scan for AirSync devices", its very random and unreliable.

The PC App also always finds and insists on popping up and empty SD card slot and will not remember the "ignore" box (probably because there is no physical media.

The PC app is labelled 2014 and Beta - come on - 3 years in beta!

Need to do better, especially when people pay for this additional functionality.

Hi, first of all congratulations for an awesome app.
It would be nice the capability to lower the font size in the album view, I think is a bit big and there's a lot of times that i can't see the full album name. If I use 3 or 4 grid columns this gets worse.
Also it would be nice to add the Itunes state of "heart" "i don't like".
Now it's possible to change between 2 states "heart" and "nothing" while in Itunes you can change through "heart" "crossed heart" and "nothing".
Thanks a lot!
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