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Hello Twisters! Today's CloudPlayer release brings a brand new feature: next time you mark any songs, albums or playlists as "Keep Offline", you'll notice they're added to a Download Manager, enabling you to pause, resume and/or reorder your downloads while they're in progress.

Get it at:

Happy listening!

Hey there. Been using the app for a few weeks and I love it.
One issue I've been having in regards to the sync feature, is the amount of content which appears in the PC program compared to my iTunes. I have a large list of playlists which I deleted a long time ago, and albums which are no longer in my iTunes library (but the folders are still my music library). Any clue why this could be the case? It seems to update with new information but doesn't account for when I delete playlists or albums from the library?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for the cloud player - it's really amazing and helpfull app. I have one problem with it though. I've had onedrive with free 5gb and recently I got 100gb above that. So I fullfilled all this space with music, but player don't want to add new files, it just refreshes library and still shows me music files from first 5gb space. Even after resetting onedrive account.

First of all I am completely in love with this app! Thank you for creating such a fully rounded application that is so intuitive.
I just wanted to request some additional features for the podcast player. It would be great if you would be able to add:
- Bookmarks, so I can skip to specifically created times in podcasts.
- A play button that resumes the most recently played podcast so I can switch between music and podcasts easily.
- A filter option that only shows downloaded episodes.
Thanks again!

Sometimes Doubletwist will see all the music in my iTunes library, and other times it only sees a few. When it only sees a few songs or albums, syncing with my Samsung Galaxy S7 will delete any that Doubletwist didn't see in the library. I just get albums on my phone that I want to listen to, and then it deletes them. This is so freaking frustrating!

I have the Pro Android Version 3.0.3... Idk why the deleted files still continue to show in the Folders section while searching for music. Can anyone help?

Loaded all my music into double twist. Bought pro....but can't link it to my music library downloaded from the original please,...

I have an issue with my double twist player. Every time I end a call the sound of the music gets weird like if there is no bass or equalizer activated.once, I lock the phone or unlock it, it gets back to normal. This is only when the phone is loud (ringone is loud). And if the phone is in silent or vibration mode basically muted, then rhe sound will not get back to normal until I make it to loud ringone mode and then lock it.
I have figured out it is the lock click sound which makes it back to normal. My phone is Huawei p10 lite WAS-LX1A.
SOFTWARE VERSION: 3.03 fed48c55e

I just added DoubleTwist on my tablet and loaded some songs from my Mac. DT won't recognize any song that doesn't end in .mp3. It won't play "Hey Jude" but if I add .mp3 so it's "Hey Jude.mp3", it recognizes and plays that. It's the first time that happened. On my other tablet, that was not a problem. Any suggestions besides putting .mp3 on over 4,000 songs?



Not all artwork is found online even though the metadata is correct and a normal Google search deliveres reasonable results.

How is the artwork handled in detail? Is it a lookup on your servers or a Google search?

If yes, is there a way to contribute so that someone else or me on another or new device or after a reset can profit from earlier work and the artwork is populated.

For example, one could sync the artwork people add manually from Google searches your servers and make them available for everyone. Or are there issues with copyright?

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