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Twisters, Microsoft announced they are killing the Android Groove Music app. If you have music stored on OneDrive, get CloudPlayer and you'll have access to all your cloud music, including lossless audio, within minutes!

I would like to request a feature to be added. I prefer to run apps in english, and not in my local language (poor translation). There is a way to switch the CloudPlayer language to english?
Thanks for the attention.

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Hi, I am facing a big problem with doubleTwist installed on a Windows10 laptop
. My S9 phone is recognized by the application but when I display the Music tab, everything is frozen. Impossible to do anything. Any idea? (note - I purchased the full App)
Thank's in advance.

I am having trouble synching new music to my phone using double twist. The import new music and playlist check list box is checked and each time I try to synch it says synch failed... What do I need to do?

Hello, I really love CloudPlayer for Android! It's exactly what I wanted to make my entire music collection available anywhere I go. I recently added the Pass to my subscription. As I understand it, my metadata will be saved and copied to any new device I add. I already have a second device added, do I need to reinstall the library to get all the meta data to copy over? Also, does that include the album art? If I have added album art on my primary device, will it show up on the new device or I do I still have to add it manually? Thanks! -Steven

I recently had to factory reset my tablet where I had doubletwist pro installed. Now it is not showing in my purchased list in the play store and is only available to dl if I buy again.its the same if I install free and try to upgrade.

Is it possible to add podcast to the playing cue? I am not able?

So it looks like all my music is there all 3987 songs but none of them will play. Just a bunch of lines like this ---------------------- .....what do I do?

I am using DoubleTwist Sync Pro to sync my iTunes library to my Samsung Galaxy s7. However, while my podcasts appear to sync correctly, I am having trouble with the playlists. When I sync, it won't sync some playlists and the playlists it does sync appear to be incomplete (there are more songs in the playlist in iTunes that what appears on my phone after syncing). What am I doing wrong?

I would like to request a feature be added back. Specifically, re-enabling the "recently added" category to keep all song added from beginning. I primarily use the "Playlist" tab and used the "recently added" tab to browse through all of my songs. Now that Doubletwist updated to clear the "recently added" only to feature truly recently added songs, it's making it a nuisance to find songs in my library not added into my play lists. In other words, please reinstate for the recently added tab to have all songs :) not quite sure why the team decided to change that feature when it has been long-backed into Doubletwist. Been with you guys for several different phones I've used. Keep up the good work!
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