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Twisters, as some of you already noticed, the new Podcast look is here! If you're running the doubleTwist Classic beta, or if you're on Android 7+, you should have already received an update that includes a preview of the new podcast feature. We'll be rapidly adding more podcast management features in the coming weeks!

The new update will be available to everyone, including non-beta users and those on older versions of Android, in the coming weeks.

If you're not part of the doubleTwist Classic beta, you can join using this link:

Please note that the beta doesn't currently support UPnP/DLNA streaming and AirPlay video, which will be added in a future release.

When i use doubletwist wirt Airplay i can't use the eq.
How can i make it work?

Is the translation to Russian ready? Can I contribute?

I have a Moto G Play and a Mac Mini connected by USB cable. My understanding is that's there suppose to be a way to sync from the computer, but doubleTwist is doing nothing on either device.

Any suggestions?

I really like Cloud Player, but it seems locked down to Dropbox and Google Drive. That seems like a missed opportunity, and I'd love to have it work with WebDav so I can use my own cloud server. Is there any chance of that in future?

Com esta última actualização , deixei de controlar as musicas pelos ear phones bluetooth. Estava a trabalhar tão bem...e conseguiram estragar tudo. Assim deixa de compensar ter esta aplicação.

I don't have album artwork for a majority of my songs, and I was thinking about how neat it would be to have a visualizer like the ctrl+t one in iTunes as a replacement for the default screen. How difficult would it be to implement?

Hey guys, I keep getting a "Sync Failed" message. I've only been using the app for about two months, most of my library is already on the app. However, I keep trying to put new purchased music on my device, but when I attempt it, after about 5 minutes of trying to "delete" my songs, I get the error message and it shows that all of my music is still there and not deleted.

I guess the question is, what's going on, and what can I do to get all of my music up on the app?

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Please let me make on-demand exception to use cell data for Edit Artwork when not on WiFi instead requiring settings change which could download artwork for more albums than I want to at the time (BeyondPod does this for feeds/episodes as example behavior).

doubletwist on Chrombook Plus ??

I've used doubleTwist for several years on my Android devices - and I love it, and it syncs beautifully with my Mac.

but I just installed it on the Samsung Chromebook Plus (Chrome OS, but runs Android apps).

My Mac just won't see this new device. (The device itself is ready and waiting to pair with the Mac)

Has anyone successfully used DoubleTwist on a Chrome device? 
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