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Twisters, in case you missed it, we just updated CloudPlayer & doubleTwist Pro with a Sleep Timer, app shortcuts (Android 7.1+) & more. Get the update from the Play Store while it's hot!

Hey I was wondering if the feature to add a panel for Galaxy edge panels just like Samsung's stock music player. Would really be cool!

Trying to set up a usb stick to put in my 2017 Camry with Entune. I dumpted a few playlists with doubletwist onto the stick, formatted in FAT32 and it seems to be reading the stick but is taking forever. Is there a way for it to finally work?

After the latest Android auto update(7.0) on my S7, I'm having a problem with Doubletree classic. When I get to the last song in an album or playlist I can no longer advance back to the first song. The >> button doesn't do anything. Any ideas?

After the new update i am unable to have doubletwist on the full screen upon lock screen. I used to be able to see the full album cover and swipe left or right to change the track.

Cloud Player stops downloading files when I flip between apps. Is that normal behaviour?

Hey! Double Twist keeps crashing when I have it in the background and open other apps. Hope there's a fix, thanks 😁

Hi! Apart from saying 'I absolutely love CloudPlayer', I'd like to share some suggestions that I think will make it the best player known to mankind!

- Write access for metadata and file names.
Right now when you change the name of a file or its metadata it doesn't write it to the actual file on your cloud storage. Would be cool to have, to allow for a more cohesive library synced across all platforms.

- Favorite/shortcut option for folders.
Navigating folders on your cloud can sometimes be a little hassle. It would be nice to have a shortcut, star or favorite option for quick access.

- Save/export playlists to files.
Would be cool to have a "physical" playlist file that you can access and edit directly on your cloud storage.

- A desktop/browser version! <3
One that syncs of course. I don't think I have to tell you why this would be awesome?!

Some trivial suggestions:
- Custom images for playlists and tracks.
- Bookmarking option for longer tracks.
- Radio search and favoriting.

Lastly, a strange issue I encountered:
- Scanning seems to yield different results on different devices and miss certain files and/or folders. On one device it found about 6500 tracks on my drive and on another it only found about 6400. Some tracks don't even seem to appear at all, on neither device.

Some specs that may be of use:
- I'm using CloudPlayer with a Sony Xperia Z5 phone and Xperia Z2 tablet.
- Music is stored on a Google Drive, estimating at about 6700 tracks in total.

Keep up the good work and support, you guys are awesome!

I've not seen any replay gain functionality in the cloud player. Is this not supported yet? If so, any plans to incorporate in the future?

I've noticed a couple odd things when syncing (either with USB or AirSync) that seem like they might be bugs:

1) I have a very large (>9000) collection of songs. Whenever there is a track that has an artist name, but no album name, it appears in doublwTwist on my device as part of an "album" titled "Unknown Album" under the artist labeled on the track. Unfortunately, that "Unknown Album" also has tracks by every other artist in my collection with a track with no album name (and is repeated under the artist list for every one of them). Instead, DT should be smart enough to know there is no good reason to group tracks by different artists together simply because they have no album name. IOW, an "Unknown Album" listed under Joe Bagadonutz should only have tracks on it by Joe Bagadonutz.

2) This is a bit of a corner case, but I have at least one album in my collection that has two tracks with the same name (although the mp3 filenames are different). Unfortunately, DT will only import one of these files. I had to manually change the track name for one of these songs, then copy it manually to my device, the have DT rebuild its database. Kind of a pain.

Other than that, and my continuing problems with AirSync, I am delighted with DT.


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