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Hi there.
Last month I bought my first Airsoft gun. It is an FNX .45 tactical.. gas blowback gun. I love it.
Right now I am in search for a rifle and I need a help from someone with much more experience.. hopefully you guys will find some time to take a look on this.

I am able to buy gun ONLY in this store (it is located near me and I am not able to order it online):
.. and I would like to know what would be a best gun from M4/M16 or AK categories? What would you buy.. I would like to place a scope on it in near future also (in case there is some model where scope can't be attached).
I was looking at AK-104 E&L model.. but is there something better.. or something that will do the same job as that AK-104 but would be a 'better buy' or similar?

Thanks in advice!

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Cloud 9 Combat - Maxi & Ring Pull Smoke & ThunderFlash Mk5 #Smoke #Airsoft #Milsim

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Hi guys I just joined this community! Looks really good! This is my most recent video, I hope some of you guys can check it out, tell me what you think!

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here my last CQB gameplay video from france

hot and sunny day with 50 players picked, only experienced and fairplay players 
only SEMI mode and lowcap, no distance limit so no vocal bangbang

a lot of fun, certainly my best day of airsoft, and my best video so far

enable HD and subtitles 
have fun and share bro

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Could you do some polarstar stuff this week on the hangout such as showing different packs for holding the air tanks

Need to do a hangout one night where it's all about polarstar where you show the guns, air rigs, tanks, tank storage options etc. Pictures on the website only do so much. 
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