Well i have signed up again! lol giving it all another go!

hey guys, I am an elder player of the game. use to frequent it a lot in high school but I kinda grew out of it. still go on to it from time to time but I dont know enough peeps there to really have the experience be thrilling to me. 

If any one wants to hang out some time on there shoot me a line, I think I still have it installed.

heh. i stopped playing furcadia for the same reasons i stopped playing second life, furrymuck and other such roleplaying communities. there was no one interesting to roleplay with.

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I've created a Monopoly game to be played by anyone in furc.
You can reach it at furc://kregenboondocks:monopolygame
or find it in the puzzles and challenges area.

It can be played by 1-5 furres, if 1 furre only, then they play against the bank.

It's only my second script (and a hefty one at that), so if you find something wrong with it (players' turns getting skipped, etc.), please file a *bugreport,
It's as simple as saying:
*bugreport description of what went wrong


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Look who i found in here giglepurrs

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Servicing a "patron"
giggle purrs

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all the slaves... (thats me to.. hehe) in the idle area sleeping.. LOL we have just been fed. 

Welcome one and all! Hope you enjoy your stay!

Thanks for the invite Tempest.

I've always wanted to play this game, but I lack the hardware. :/

Tell me, is it as awesome as it seems?
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