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Name:Project C.D.M
Nickname:James Organ
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Crazy, insane, easy going, fun, easy to get along with, stands up for others
Background: Made in a lab as a military weapon, escaped from control, humanoid
Weapons: CheyTac M200 Intervention, dual hi-power Brownings, grenades of all kinds, tons of knives hidden on body.
Likes: helping others
Dislikes: doing school work
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| Name ||
Gray Mitchell

|| Gender ||

|| Age ||

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||

|| Species ||

|| Hair Color ||
Light Brown

|| Eye Color ||

|| Likes ||
Science,adventure,biology,space,space ships,nature,cameras,math.

|| Personality ||
Hyper,enthusiastic,friendly,fun-hearted,high-minded,knowledgeable,kind,talkative,a bit demanding,easily started by loud noises.

|| Affiliation ||

|| Bio ||
Gray Mitchell,dinosaur enthusiast and visitor of Jurassic World and also survivor of the Isla Nublar incident 2015.Now currently just some regular boy.His brother is Zach Mitchell,and nephew of the park manager of Jurassic World.

//Any type of role play is cool with me just as long as it's not anything sexual obviously
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Quotes : "dont mess with me?'

Name : Raven Neko Princess

Alias : My Team Mates

Age : 15

Gender : Female

Sexuality : straight

Likes : family ,friends, dancing, cooking and having fun

Dislikes: bullies

Relationship status : none

Race/Species : half neko/ angel/ half ghoul/ half vampire and half goddess

Personality : Kind; Caring


Hair : Red
Skin tone : tane
Top clothing : black dress with a red sweeter
Bottom clothes : long black shocks with purple sneakers

Bio : Raven is a 15 year old girl that loves to go on adventures.. she have amazing friends and family that she loves and cares about..

Powers and Abilties.

light powers
dark powers

Flaws and weaknesses : Scared of losing the people I love and care about, always argue and fight with others. Get to attach to others

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Why?? I don't want to be in a community with hentai/yiff

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Can I be my creepypasta oc Davianna

Thanks for the invite
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