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Preaching to the choir I guess, but in case you missed it ;)
The talk I did at Droidcon UK on Cupboard was recorded and is now available at +Skills Matter. The talk gives an introduction to Cupboard with some history, goals and examples. Check it out here:

If you like what you see you might also want to join the Cupboard Google+ community here: 

Learn more about Cupboard from the project site and the documentation at


+Hugo Visser could you please point me at LICENSE file/information, under which cupboard is published?

I have a question:
How do i add new table to old database. I can add new column to an existing table, but i am not able to add new table.
I changed database version, registered new table.
What do i do in onUpgrade for migration??

I have three questions:

1.How can I get QueryResultIterable as descending order?
QueryResultIterable<TransactionDetails> itr = cupboard().withDatabase(database).query(TransactionDetails.class).withSelection("tmId = ?", tmId).query();

2. For date field which type I should use, that I can perform query on that date field.

3. How can I use more than one condition? Can I use raw query in cupboard?

This will be great help for me. Thanks.

I'm trying to add two POJO objects into my database. Both have an _id field. While I'm able to add the first POJO into the database, if I try and put a POJO from the 2nd type into the database, I receive the following error: no such table: Cryptogram (code 1): , while compiling: SELECT * FROM 'Cryptogram'. If I comment out the code that adds the first POJO, I'm able to add the one of the 2nd type. Any help would be appreciated.

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My POJO has a list field so I'm going to use the GsonListFieldConverter. Put the jar file in my libs folder, but it still says that GsonListFieldConverterFactory and Gson are not found. Do I have to import something? Is there a simple example (besides the one at that I can use for a guide?) TIA!

I have Cupboard working with one activity. It stores my objects and I'm able to retrieve them. What will I need to do if I want to access items from the database from a different activity? Happy to look things up, just not sure which route I need to go.

How to Add multiple table models in a database?

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Hey Cupboarders!

Cupboard 2.2.0 introduces an abstraction to make it easier to work with alternative SQLite implementations such as SQLCipher aside from a couple of bug fixes.

Also, cupboard-tools is more modular now and deployed to Maven Central.

The content provider also supports alternative SQLite implementations, but you do need to bring your own SQLiteOpenHelper in that case. That might be a topic for a future blogpost still.

Both projects now have change logs as well.

That moment the API of your app decides to suddenly switch to https (great!) without any notie in advance (😲😠😡)...
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