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Looking for right book to read to your children next?  
You just found it.
“COLOURS” A journey to equality.  
Selected by the Moms Choice Awards 2004 as a gold read for children.
Check the book here  :

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Using Minecraft and Custom NPC mod(Minecraft addon) for ESL and Humanities education

I read a review of the single and multiplayer videogame Minecraft on The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language, written by Zachary Hausrath. At the time of publication, he was a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati.

Zachary's interests include using the principles of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) to study the use of content, task, and project-based learning, as well as dialogic theories of interaction, in educational games.

The Article
I'm only highlighting a few key interests. Feel free to read the entire article at

One idea presented is that an effective means of learning a language is one in which a task is performed that necessitates communication. A small group of people that all spoke different languages, coming together to build a small structure would fall under this guideline.

The second, I'd point to, is the connection to Minecraft as being generally conducive as a Computer Aided Language Learning(CALL) tool.

Third, Zachary points to a powrful mod called Custom NPCs which give the creator(s) large amounts of control over making Non-player-characters(NPCs) that players(students) can interact with. A large range of features can be implemented from text-based dialogue to an assortment of behaviors, dependent on how students interact with them.

This isn't really that far removed from the aim and goals implemented in other games and programs, but Minecraft is a highly customizable "sandbox" to create worlds, scenarios and other creations.

Zachary does point out the comparison of typically much harder learning  of a language or coding to the ease of simply learning the basics of Minecraft and using mods(plugins to increase the games uses). Unfortunately, I would still personally say that evaluating, getting the mods working and learning the mods would still be relatively time consuming for educators -- but the ability to understand how to use Minecraft and the mods do have a low learning-threshold to the point that fairly young, ambitious kids can easily create their favorite worlds with mods.

I've embedded a video below, but I'm not endorsing it, nor have I looked into it further, but I think it serves as a good prompt to get educators thinking in the right direction as to what Minecraft is and its potentials in an education space.

Once again, I'm tagging +Deborah L Gabriel (I hope she doesn't get tired of this :) ).

I'm also putting this in my Integrations Into Culture community, because I want to start using it more -- even if my aim and explanations for it are a bit confusing(it's mainly "cutting edge education").

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Wikispaces for Classroom use

I really need to start using my Blog and my Integrations Into Culture community page more. Aside from the fact it's proven to come off as slightly confusing as to what IIC is all about -- essentially I currently boiled it down to "Cutting edge education"

So, after all that hyperbole, Here's a link to an online Wiki site that's FREE for educators.

What is it?
A social writing platform for education.

A classroom workspace where you and your students can communicate and work on writing projects alone or in teams.

From the site:
If you give teachers technology they love, that is simple to use, and that helps them do the work of the classroom, the benefits are obvious.

#wikispaces   #wiki  

The future of learning may or may not be at our doorstep, but it's new and very powerful right now.

There is a #edcmooc  happening right now. Following the hashtag will reveal tons of info.

It's a new form and approach called Massive Online Open Course and it's proving to be a phenomenon.

#education   #mooc   #teachersusingtechnology   #teachershelpingteachers   #learning  

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For anyone interested. An #edcmooc  (Massive Open Online Course) is starting tomorrow on E-learning and Digital Culture, brought to you by the University of Edinburgh.

There's also a cummunity page on Google plus and other major Social Network sites.

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