hi, i'm phinoex deamon, childof the deamon worlok and lady irean. join me in the quest trought ru'an, tu'la and many more places! hope you join!
Name: Phinoex deamon
Crush(s): Laurnce, Aaron, Jeffory, and kinda, Zane,
Inportant info: I am a shadow knight. and have magics such as morphing into any dog/wolf, cat/wild cat, foxes, and birds, also the ability to controle fire,lava, rocks, minerls, metels, and portles, finally i have wings. I amd 1 of 4 ckis. my triplet brother and sister's names are travis, and aruanna, also my older brother's name is Zinex. i have anger ishews,and other things.

hope you enjoy this role play

Rules: plz refrain from cursing as much as possible,
don't be mean,unless it's for the rp,
leave the dishtion of some one joining up to me, or other people i say u may ask.
have fun!
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