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If you want to be a legendary you must have permission from me or one of the moderators. You can be any legendary its fine by me.
Just comment on this if you want to be a legendary.

Nickname (Optional):
Level (MAX level is lv 100):
Moves (All moves are allowed. The moves must match the level of your pokemon.):

You can add more if you want.

Also, please be sure to update your profile as much as possible, say if you gain levels, evolve, or learn new moves.

Before ANYTHING ELSE, a MOD or the OWNER MUST approve your profile.

Nickname: Hoopster
Pokemon: Hoopa-confined
Gender: None
Sexuality: None
Level: 50
Moves: Hyperspace Hole, Psyshock, Dream Eater, and Yawn
Ability: Magician
Likes: Playing with other pokemon
Dislikes: Getting picked on
Nature: Quiet
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