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Good morning all, hope you are staying very healthy and are benefiting from my posts?

I started this community to help people #loseweight and adopt #healthyliving and am grateful you possibly saw the benefits when you joined. However, I've had to ban, remove and report posts from previous members and some of you I just removed the post.

Why? I have said this is a community for improving weight loss through interaction and sharing tips. So far, no one has interacted here with me inspite of my many posts and; I'm the only one who has evidenced what I share here I have used the principles myself in most instances.

So, my point is, it is unacceptable to post here when you don't interact, don't have a personal weight loss story to share, but you want to post #healthnews or suggestions. This is unethical and I have ZERO tolerance for it.

That said if you have a real life story of your own with evidence feel free to share. However, if you fail to interact with me through my posts, I will prevent you posting further as you are only here to PROMOTE yourself.

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Still got some #exercise in inspite of #StormEmma warnings. If you can't get out, nothing stopping you #eating right and exercising in your onesie at home. Time to get fit people whatever the weather, Spring's coming!

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This is the best resource for all things to do with #intermittentfasting and the #metabolism of #fatloss. I highly recommend it as essential learning and an invaluable tool in this #weightloss process. You can find it here:

Post has attachment In these winter months drinking loads of hot chocolate doesn't have to be fattening! Click to order yours. 😀

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Healthy weight loss is not at all about starvation and deprivation. It's about knowing what works for you and sticking to it. So, pick up a copy of this book and drop that excess weight now...

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Learn more and get your orders in before the new year... Get your orders in today to get your new year off to a great start. Follow the link to learn why this is the best option for your health and your wallet and to pick your option or you could just reach out to me to assist you.
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Start your 10 day sugar detox today!
#sugardetox #healthyliving Get your free copy, get started to feel and look great by Christmas!

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With this product, you have the best of both worlds: wealth and health!
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I love drinking coffee and this particular brand has two benefits, namely:-
One, it's healthy; and two, it's profitable. You can save on your coffee spending and earn with this one.

If someone is going to earn from the coffee business, why can't it be you?

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Cloves possess beneficial properties that help relax the smooth muscle lining in your gastrointestinal tract. When used as an oil, it can aid in halting digestive problems, like nausea and vomiting...Get it now.
Whether you want to tighten the loose skin on your neck, remove the bags from under your eyes, remove nasty dark spots, this is sure to work wonders for your skin and overall health. Perfect #homeremedy for #rheumatoidarthritisrelief

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