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U Calgary has produced a very good booklet on #human_ethics issues in #SoTL research. It's free and succinct. It's aimed at lecturers as the audience and based in the Canadian context; however, it operationalises the ethical principles in clear ways that isn't freely available elsewhere. I recommend it both as a good overview and when advising lecturers & teachers.

Are you in Melbourne and looking for ways to schedule your academic writing? You're welcome to join us for Shut Up & Write sessions.

WHEN: From 9:00 am, every Wednesday morning.

WHERE: The big table, The Vine Café, RMIT building 80,
445 Swanston St, Melbourne, 3000. Australia.

#SUAW #AcademicPractice #SoTL

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The scope of the conference will cover but not be limited to the following topics:

Advanced Learning Technologies

Adaptive, context-aware and personalised technologies
Affective Computing for Learning
Augmented reality and virtual worlds in education
Automated assessments & evaluation
Collaborative & social media
Human Computer Interaction
Interactive videos
Question technologies
Recommender systems
Semantic Web in education
Smart systems & next generation environments
The Internet of Things
Analytics in Teaching & Learning

Data sharing for learning analytics
Design and application of learning analytics systems
Development and management of algorithms for analytics based on gathered data
Gathering diverse learning data, e.g., related to linked and open data
Pedagogical models and learning analytics
Predictive models, visualisation and statistical analysis
Privacy concerns and policy aspects related to learning analytics
Platforms & Infrastructure

Cloud Computing in web-based education
Digital Badges and open badging systems
Implementation and organisational development of advanced learning technologies
Learning systems platforms and architecture
Life cycle management of technical learning objects
Mobile, pervasive and ubiquitous technologies for learning
Natural User Interfaces for teaching and learning in the Web
Open platforms (MOOCs), practices, resources (OER), systems, & data
Performance Support Tools (PSTs)
Repository technologies
Technology standards
Important dates
Paper Submission Due: May 8, 2017
Notification of Acceptance: July 31, 2017
Camera-ready paper due: August 14, 2017

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My own attempt at SoTL in the blogging format, reviewing a recent article on the changing space of journalism, where I'm seeing parallels with academic work. These notes get used in more academic formats later.

I'm discovering that the webservice Research Gate is not only offering access to otherwise restricted articles (because authors are uploaded pre and post publication copies) but that it has a number of new features that are useful to research-in-progress, like Projects, Questions and notated comments in articles. Most importantly, I'm discovering (in my broad fields at least) that there is suddenly a very large number of people active and responsive in the space. For example, I've had three rich and useful responses to a question less than 24hours after posting it.

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These directories were compiled by Tom Pusateri, Associate Director for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at Kennesaw State University and shared via the #ISSOTL email list.

The teaching journals directory contains over 500 journals that publish teaching-oriented articles and the teaching conferences directory lists approximately 400 future teaching conferences. Both directories are searchable by discipline and topic in higher education.

#SOTL #journals #conferences
With thanks to Andrea Chester for the posting.

Teaching journals directory:
* May include preditory journals

Teaching conferences directory:

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For thoughts on #impact & knowledge mobilisation in our #SoTL & academic practice, here's a place to start. This document emphasises communication, rather than partnering.

The #stlhe17 call for papers (see last post) closes on 12 December, if you fancy a trip to Nova Scotia in June 20167
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