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Welcome to a modern war RP community. Here there are but a few restrictions, whether you choose to lead a group/organization/nation or as a single character or four is completely up to you. In this group you are free to RP whatever you desire, there will be no limitations to how many factions are allowed, a wide variety and diversity of factions will be interesting to add to the experience. The community will feature 3 eras, and will move on to the next as we progress, and each age will have a description of what's to come. The current community year is 2020, and below is a list of what's to come.


Year: 2020 (CURRENT) - The years where technology will begin to rise slowly. New weapons of war are developed and the world's economy will begin to stabilize. Weapons such as next generation tanks, fighters, firearms and so on are planned and a few prototypes exist. Other things such as exosuits are still in research and development, where a few rough scrap prototypes are available for test use only.

Year: 2033 - The years where new military doctrines are forged and alliances will be formed. Lesser countries may rise to power and previous world powers may lose their seat. Old rivalries may or may not be put aside and old friendships may or may not be ruined. Armies will grow, fear may arise, pride may arise, and lines will be drawn. An era where tensions will begin to surmount slowly once more.

Year: 2038 - The war on terror has always been fought by the strongest countries together. With the world powers slowly rising to the peak of their power, individuals and groups may see this as a threat and yet another age of destruction. Terrorism will once more reign anywhere at anytime and on anyone, it will be up to the world leaders to find a solution together, or some alone.

Year: 2041 - Decades long tensions would explode into all out war throughout the world. Perhaps a time to finally change the world powers or a time to finally change the world's mindset. Bad long term reputations of a country will cause antagonization and contempt, and a time where quiet countries will finally band together to rid the world of countries that are considered parasites.

【Character Template】

【Faction Template】

【Unit Template】
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The following transmission is highly classified

"19 38 66 56 96.66 96.84.19 74.59 91.18 68 26.46"

Although nobody would know, this is a new test of a numbers code that will be used to encrypt classified messages to come from France

(If Pierce can crack that code I will allow him to declassify my information, if not, Germany will not be able to decode French classified messages)

Dis place deader dan a doorknob.


After the construction of more signal interception satellites, the Germans have scheduled launch dates for the craft. Under the cover of being weather research spacecraft, seven satellites will be sent into orbit. Once there they will be activated, and their real work will begin. Any and all communication signals will be intercepted as they bounce off of towers, satellites, and other transmitters. From there the messages will be sent to a German facility at an unknown location. Then decoding and reviewing will begin. France is not notified despite their agreement.

Germany has announced their interest in a space program, which they hope to begin soon. A statement for the program was released saying that the end goal is to begin a colony on the moon's surface with help from the French. A facility is under construction at a German military base to house the program and its tests.

[Classified to all but France]
Several early prototypes for a space shuttle are drawn up. They feature room for passengers, building materials, and cargo. The current challenge facing the scientists is finding a feasible way to fuel the rockets, as well as funding their tests.

I hereby declare of my inactivity in this community. I may be very inactive for a wholesome days or even weeks. Please do, someone, take control of China completely as I cannot guarantee that I may be active as previously. The motion for someone else to control China is A-OK for me, but after all, Adam is the owner as well as the mods to decide for someone else to take over.

Thank you for reading this and to those who I have RP’d with previously. In such events, I do make a mistake or even hurt someone’s mushy feelings, forgive me or some mushy stuff like that.

And yes, happy new dank memes for 18K20 people.

Somalia News

"Hello, I'm Kaye Stein and this is SC News. Shocking events were reported in France as what is reported to be military drones were shot out of the sky. This event caused all of Paris to be evacuated while the military cleans up the mess. Al Asmud sends his full sympathy and hopes that France sustains no further attacks. Now reporting from Molgidishu this is Adam Smith..."

"Hi Kaye, I'm here in Molgidishu reporting on a bill that has just passed which details various tax cuts and economical reforms. The process was long and arduous but with its passing Al Asmud has promised that the working class of Somalia will get a square deal."

"Thanks Adam, in other news a surprise space launch was seen today at Somalias newest space center outside of Burco. The ship named 'Galileo' launched with unknown payload on a mission to pass by mars. The scientists interviewed at the site have said that this mission will be made to run tests on the atmosphere to see what mars may have looked like before it turned to dust and rock. This is Kaye Stein reporting for SC News. Glory to Somalia."

A new extension of the Committee of Public Information is formed. This extension is codenamed 'Divinity'. Its formal department name is the Supernatural and Extraterrestrial Threat Analysis Department or SETAD for short. It is composed of 100 members and is tasked with putting serious research into the occult and the supernatural. The department is headed by two members of the SSS known only as Mr. Black and Mr. White. While Al Asmud remains sceptical that the department will amount to anything he decides that there is no point in disbanding such a small enterprise.

The suprise rocket launchs true intention had nothing to do with atmospheric conditions on mars but rather the start of a series of launches designed to arrive at mars and drop the supplies needed for colonization as close as they can get to the planned landing site. While project EDEN is nowhere close to completion the need for supplies once humans do land there is evident.

Breakthroughs at Ares Base. Scientists have made a breakthrough with miniature nuclear technology. While still not small enough to be carried, the newest design of experimental nuclear reactors have proven to provide exceptionally good power output for its small size. This brings Somalia a small step forward to a nuclear future.


[Terrorist Hunt:]
The 2020 Joint Winter Maneuver wargames have been postponed for a few weeks, due to terrorist concerns. All related parties will be housed in five star hotels, and treated to the best service available until then. Meanwhile, armored police units have taken to patrolling around the more sensitive areas of the larger cities. Military bases are put on low alert.

Nanobot technology is currently being advanced and perfected in a facility under the Helenski Parlimentary Building. The uses of this technology are nearly endless, least of which would be creating borderline super soldiers and advancing computer technologies, particularly in the field of AI, immensely.

Quantum technology, especially pertaining to computers, is also being researched. This will help create more smarter and autonomous AI systems, as well as giving nearly unlimited computing power.

Railguns, with the help of former Greenland scientists, have been developed and are currently in the process of improvement. While, it might be much larger than France's prototypes, they are much cheaper to produce. They are currently being trialed for use in armored vehicles, artillery, and HAMMR II turret systems. They fire either a solid, shaped magnesium rod, around 120mm, or existing standard ammunition for a smoothbore 120mm cannon. For the latter, the shells propellant and casing are removed, leaving only the tip.

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Repurposed, and Reused


As of now, all Greenladnic forces, including those stationed in the old IDF Naval Base, loaned to Greenland, will be relocated to the Military storehouse complex outside Reykjavik.

The Division Base underneath it will be used to train the elite of Iceland's police and military forces.

Thanks to the modularity of Iceland's Military warehouse complex, a majority of it was not constructed. The necessary space will be built. However, civilian enterprises will not be built in the empty space.

Iceland, and the troops it has, will be based around the island. However, the armored corps will be station in the centre of the isle. There, they can deploy anywhere needed. And can respond to forgein threats.

In Greenland, all police and military forces are to comllete the cleanup process ASAP. The land in Greenland is yet to be decided how to use.

[Practice Makes Perfect]
Finland's allies are invited to a wargame-type joint operation. Using nonlethal cartridges and such, this month long exercise will simulate counter-insurgency operations in winterized enviroments. This is in response to the increasing amount of terrorist attacks within Finland. Finland's special forces divisions will play the role of OPFORCE, the terrorists, while the invited allies will play BLUFORCE, the counter-insurgency forces. It is hoped that this exercise will strengthen relationships and help train. This will also provide countries with an opportunity to field test their equipment in battle. Finland will be providing all the computer equipment and blanks to make sure all fighting is accurate to real life, but nonlethal. Finland itself will be fieldtesting it's autonomous turrets and vehicles, taken from Greenland and refugee scientists. While it is sadly aware that these turrets do work just fine, as shown by the Callamity in Greenland, Finland wishes to test it in a variety of ways. Such devices are perfect for Finland, as most of it's military operations will only be defensive; the only way it would be otherwise is if Iceland specifically requested assistance.

+LP People
Iceland is invited
+Inquisitor Selvon Lonarys
Oceania is invited
France is invited
+Adam Ng
South Korea is invited
+Pierce Moore
Germany is invited

In addition, America, China, France, and Somalia will also be invited to attend.
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