I downloaded 5.0 then 5.1 last week.  Now my phone is useless.  If I get an incoming call I get the flying rainbow dot screen.  Then "Android is starting... Optimizing app 16 of 153."  Any help?  Basically I cant receive incoming calls and my phone is updating itself all day long.  

I have a problem on 5.0 with my phone, when I unlock the screen it is frozen for about five seconds I can't move anything on the screen. Anyone having this problem?

I have a GS4 for T-mobile and flashed a GPE rom, It is a 16 gb model and so I have just run out of memory. I have an SD card installed but it isn't being utilized. Is there a fix for that? Because I cannot play anymore music and other apps aren't working either. 

Good afternoon, does anyone know how to report back to the Stock ROM i9505 android 4.3. I use the google rom edition

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I have a Samsung I9505 Google oficial edition rom and the battery very quickly wanes, know any good kernel?

Any one else have call waiting constant ringing? Is there a fix?

on my GE S4 i install cyanongenmod rom how to go back to Stock google edition rom

What's the easiest way to transfer pics to my SD card without rooting ?

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Anyone having software issues with their phone I'm having problems with the screen not coming on during calls even when I press the power button. 

Hi guys, when I remove my phone from my ear after speaking, the screen still remains black as if I was still speaking. Does anybody encounter this problem? It just came from nowhere and is still there after 4.4.2 update.
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