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Hi, want to introduce a no tie shoelace for young kids. Kids who are unable to tie and re-tie their shoes. In public bathrooms and at school, kids shoes come untie and they attract so many germs, bacteria, urine and dirt and they don't know it. But as parents and teachers, we know that it's unhealthy and unsightly.

Here's a website that can help with that, can help assist with keeping your kids shoelaces tied and keep this laces from becoming unsightly. Visit our website and order yours, and their favorite color. That's right parents and teachers, you can order a pair as well. Snaplaces are for everyone, built with comfort and style in mind. So enjoy your snaplaces and ease your worry of tying shoes. Enjoy!

Both of my oldest boys were diagnosed with ADHD they do take medicine but i don't understand a lot about this and things get over whelming

My son, Josh was always different, from the time he was born.  In preschool, he had issues with the teachers, I transferred him to a Montessori preschool where the most wonderful thing occurred.  The Principal Sister Anne told me that my son is a special child, he is SO intelligent and can't show us just how much he knows because he can't focus and calm his mind......instead he would misbehave and cause issues in the classroom, frustrating teachers and causing havoc everywhere he went....But, Sister Anne was right...she suggested I take him to his family doctor and have him tested....sure enough, ADHD!!  Now, I am not one to immediately go right to medicating my child, putting chemicals in his little body was just NOT going to happen.  So, I tried the diet thing....eliminating dyes, not allowing sugary foods, etc....still, he was having issues and frankly, no fun....he was singled out because he wasn't allowed to have treats like his friends at birthday parties and holiday gatherings.....this caused him to have more behavioral issues.....It also didn't help that when he was 5 years old, his father walked out of his life and abandoned him.  This leaving only his mommy to care for him......Well, mommy tried everything from therapy, diet, to regimenting him....nothing worked...

Mommy enrolled in college full time to make a better life for her children and herself in 2009 and was also working a full time job to support Josh, his brother and herself.  In 2012, Josh became so bad that he had to be pulled out of school and enrolled into a Mental Health facility for 10 days.....mommy's job gave her an or her son because she had to keep leaving to be sure he was safely there and picked up on time....Well, of course Josh won....mommy quit her job in order to focus on her children, especially Josh and his issues and double up on classes to finish her dream of becoming an RN.  At that time, mommy visited the idea of medicating Josh....NOT something that was an easy decision for her, but felt defeated.  It is now close to the end of 4th grade for Josh, he has been medicated for two years and IT IS THE BEST DECISION I COULD HAVE EVER MADE!!  His behaviors changed almost immediately (some issues here and there still), his focus was crisp and clear...he is above average in all his subjects and LOVES SCHOOL!!  YAY!!  So don't give up....there is always a way to help your child!!
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