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This community is for mountain bikers. To ensure that this community continues to thrive and be an enjoyable and welcoming place for all of us please follow these rules and posting guidelines:

1. No Spam Links. Links to your website that offer no, or very little opportunity for discussion within the community will be considered spam, and will be removed accordingly. Links, images, videos, etc. posted with no additional commentary or opinion by the poster will be considered “link-litter” and will be removed accordingly. If you think a story or news item is worthy of posting to the community, please take a moment to tell us why.

2. No Self Promotion Spam. Please remember that this community is for discussion of all things mountain biking, and not for sales or promotion of personal projects. If you are a creator, please use the “Introduce Yourself” category to tell us a little about yourself and your projects, but please refrain from blatant self promotion.

We do want to know what you’re up to, and we do want to be able to discover new and exciting projects, but please be considerate of other members. We do not want this community to become plug after plug after plug.

It is acceptable to cite your own work if it’s relevant to the current discussion or topic. However, “Hey look at my blog or product” posts will be considered spam and removed accordingly. The best place for self promotion is on your personal stream. If you’re unsure whether or not your post is spam, ask yourself this question- Does this post encourage discussion within the community? If not, it’s spam.

3. No Strava/EndoMondo etc spam. Do not just post a link or screenshot of your ride...that tells us nothing and is just spammy. If you want to show off your ride, that's great but please tell us about the ride, post up a few pictures and share with the community. If you post up a plain link with no further info the post will be removed with no warning.

4. Don’t Be A Jerk. We don’t like bullies. Please be respectful of others. Healthy debate is great, and even encouraged, but name-calling, insults, and threats of any kind will not be tolerated. Offenders will be banned.

Keep language PG-13. Some people don’t want to be bombarded with expletives.

Don’t post any overtly sexual or NSFW images.

5. Use Correct Categories.

If you don’t know what category to use, please contact a moderator. If you have a suggestion for a new category, please contact a moderator.

6. The community language is English. We have no issues with other cultures or languages but we want to be able to talk about and share our experiences with everyone and that means we have to all speak the same language. Non English posts will be removed.

7. Have Fun. This community is designed for all of mountain bikers to come and talk about the sport we love with one another. Let’s all just be cool and have fun. DFTBA

~The TMTBL Team

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Went for a great 32k ride with my wife
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Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind ... that is the philosophy of "The Locas", young soul, heart of a lion.
"More than one day of All Mountain ... sleeping in a tent"


Best regards

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Hope you all got to get on this weekend! I know I did!

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Pics from the Sam Haughton MTB challenge last weekend. 
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Awesome after work ride! We rode until 9:30 in the evening.
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Glorious weather last night...too good not to head out! Found this hidden singletrack about 3-4 weeks ago, well worth another visit.
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Hi! Here is my video of my race last sunday in the south of France...

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Check the first episode of my podcast, "The Headset." Lemme know what you think and post your comments!

#1 Fernando Martinez by The Headset on #SoundCloud
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