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Anyone else got a KS Lev E Ten dropper on their bike?

Got one on my sons bike (mainly as it was the only 27.2mm we could find) and we are having some random issues with it. Every now and then it jams solid in the fully extended position and no matter how much pressure we put on it, it wont drop.

Whats really strange is that it randomly starts to work again a day or two later, and in fact a couple of weeks ago, it was jammed when we left the car, and after about 40 mins of riding it magically started working again. All very weird.

As another example, It jammed up last weekend, but when I got his bike out this morning, it magically was working again.

Anyone got any ideas before I start a warranty enquiry?

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For all the other parents out there, I hope this gives you some ideas on what to practice on your bike with your kids. My daughter is learning to bike and this is her third day pedaling. We put a small stick on the ground and practice going over it in different ways. While she bikes over it, I practice doing wheelies and bunny hops. She brings her doll and we bike around it too. We find a few logs on the ground and I show her how to ride over them. 

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Roost and drag my heel kinda day today.

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Austin Powers is mountain biking at Lynnwoods Reservation. Someone steals his Clif Bar, leading to a movie filled with mountain biking chase scenes. Two bikers ride through singletrack trails near the stone tower and the steel tower, while biking downhill, doing bunny hops over babyheads, and navigating rocky terrain.

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DIY Stand HD - (as in Home maDe or Home Depot)

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Poor mans downhill!

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Altra discesa degli Spiazzi con dei passaggi belli su radici umide GO GO GO ...YEYEYEYEYEYEYEYE un saluto alla community dai BRO...
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