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Hello! i am asking everyone who made a profile to make a new one! I am new including soul eater N.O.T to the mix. i understand it is part of the lore and is the main reason to add it. A part of the DWMA will be gone if there is no N.O.T students there. Everyone will be placed in the N.O.T unless said otherwise by lord death or me. All cannon character that are in the E.A.T classes will still be in there. I hope everyone enjoys the new update!
-Franken Stein 
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"Death is terrible for anyone. Young or old, good or evil, it’s all the same. Death is impartial. There is no especially terrible death. That’s why death is so fearsome. Your deeds, your age, your personality, your wealth, your beauty: they are all meaningless in the face of death."

Name: Zero Shirosaki

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Soul Appearance: pale white soul with a bored look on his face.

Soul type: flexible

Personality: He’s very shy and hates to be at the center go attention, but when he’s fighting he’s serious/emotionless. He’s also happy when he gets to read. Also suffers from proditiophobia and Autophobia.

Likes: Reading, Sleeping, Strategizing, and Listening to music

Dislikes: being at the center of attention, getting his books taken away.

Hobby: Reading, and cooking

Special Ability: Mind Reading and Empath
Drawback: constant stream of other people's thoughts and emotions would sometimes make him insane and he gets tired very easily. He also would be unconscious for weeks depending how intense the thoughts and feelings of others are.

E.A.T. or N.O.T.: E.A.T.

Partner: N/A

Family: Dead

Zero walks around the D.W.M.A. reading his book while listening to his music with heavy heart. Class had finally ended and Dr.Stein had told him that he needed to find his weapon partner soon or that he might be in trouble. On top of that others had overheard that and was outright mocking him. It also was the fact that everyone hated him because he could read their mind. 'but...its not my fault I can't turn it off...' he though as he walked down the hall. However, as he was waking he heard a interesting thought coming from someone right in front of him and the person's emotions said that the person was worrying about something.

Shiro started walking around the DWMA. Being new, she kept her mouth shut. Shiro was really never talked to, so she had no friends

open rp. i encourage anything

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Name: Jake Meredith
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Classification: Weapon
Miester: None, nor does he care for one.
Weapon form: Junkyard Dog (aka Fire Seal)
Class: N.O.T
Appearance: Brown hair, brownish, blackish eyes. Red jacket thing (don't really know what it is) with a black muscle shirt underneath, white jeans, red finger less gloves and red head band. (look at photo below)
Bio:At first being alone, Jake became a mercenary and without knowing gained his weapon ability while in this state in his life, thinking it was just a way for his body to tell him he made the right choice. After hearing of a bounty that was never filled and was actually drooped by some people, he decided that he would take the bounty sense some old lady said that a friend of her's was killed by her. Unknown to him that old lady was a witch and just wanted someone to kill Maka Albarn (for thous who don't know the witches put a price for Maka's head in the Manga) and after finding out that he was being manipulated into killing some one who he thought was just an average high school kid. He found out about the D.W.M.A and that he is a weapon. He sent in a resignation with his information, all but the fact that he is a mercenary of course, to join the Academy as a way to get somewhere without doing anything that might be "morally incorrect".
Personality: He prefers to work alone, knowing that might anger some, and will work with people only if need be, hence why he doesn't want to have a miester, and along with that he prefers to be alone as well, But he can get along with people, or play nice as he calls it. But once you get to know him he's not a very bad guy.

(I know this is already long but If I am missing anything let me know( and yes he is based slightly off of Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear))
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Hello is this the new place is anyone here for this place hello looks around outside here is empty

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Alice was just sitting outside in the school garden happily, as she was in the flowers she picked one up as she bit it a little and smelt it until she saw someone in front of her, she looked up a little as her eyes showed no fear and she started to speak why hello? You need something~?

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Name- Alice Baskerville

Gender- Female

Age- 14

Class- E.A.T

Nickname: B-rabbit, Blood stained rabbit, Black rabbit, Allie

Weapon or miester- Weapon

Partner- None

Bio- Alice is a normal and happy kind of weapon, Even as a girl who had to fight and doesn't have a Miester yet she always smiles and is always playful, she will do anything to make anyone feel safe or smile, But when she is mad she will give you a serious look as her voice would go serious too, sometimes she would yell but when she looks and sounds serious she would just say insults to you, in the end if you give her meat she would be back to happy and say she is sorry. She once had a family but her mother and father died while her twin sister went missing leaving her to be alone all her life. She wants to be strong and protect who ever she can, she doesn't want to lose anyone else that she will care about. She loves rabbits, not as good but as pets as her favorite are black rabbits, she has a plush black rabbit that she names oz, she cares for it deeply as she pretends it's like a real person sense it's her only friend and what she says family too. She was called the blood stained rabbit from when her town was destroy, where she was princess of, her nick name came when her mother found out when Alice could turn into a weapon but also Alice could sometimes turn into a huge black rabbit but its rare to see it but you could see her shadow turn into a huge rabbit

Personality- Nice, Kind, Caring, Playful, Serious, bossy sometimes

Likes- Rabbits, meat, Games, winning, hugs, pats on head, flowers, food, cute things, Sleeping

Dislikes- no food, no meat, mean people, yelling, bullying, people hurt, being weak (aka crying), her tips of her hair being touched (will show a zoomed in picture)
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Yato (Maxinius) sat on the steps, of the DWMA, holding his bow that his uncle, Takumi, gave him for his birthday a while ago, since he knew what happened to Joshua. (a character I don't use anymore) Anyway, since he was somewhat known in the school, because of his father, Rejinaku, Yato had a better chance of getting a Meister. Anyway, Y/N saw him sitting on the steps, then Y/N......
Can be detailed or shortened, be warned, I'm still new to detailed rps, so if I slip up, I apologize.
This rp can go any way you want, just don't encourage dirty yoai, yuri, or hentai scenes.
Your character can either know him well, or not know him at all.

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Far out from the walls of Death City, in the dust of the desert, a girl was running through the hot sand. Her violet and black hair was flying behind her, her murky black eyes determined. She wore a black tank top, covered by a black leather jacket, as well as black jeans with chains on and around the waist, jinggling as she ran. She also wore calf-length combat boots. Her feet kicked up clouds of sand as she ran. She was off on a mission to eradicate someone who was on the verge of becoming a kishin. The person was in a town not to far...You were in the desert for only Lord Death knows what when you saw sand being kicked up

(No text talk.
(No one liners
(Swearing is fine
(Can end up anywhere
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