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— Please remember to register and book your hotel room ASAP!

— The early registration deadline is 30 July 2018:

— Two hotel room blocks remaining with deadlines 30 July 2018 and 5 August 2018:

20–24 August 2018 in Helsinki, Finland

Keynote speakers:

ESA 2018 accepted papers:

WABI 2018 accepted papers:

IPEC 2018 accepted papers:

WAOA 2018 accepted papers:

ALGOSENSORS 2018 accepted papers:

ATMOS 2018 accepted papers:

See you soon in Helsinki!

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IPEC 2018 accepted papers!
IPEC 2018: Program
IPEC 2018: Program

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ALGO 2018 deadlines:

ATMOS 2018 submission deadline: 24 June 2018 (extended)
WAOA 2018 submission deadline: 24 June 2018
ALGOCLOUD 2018 submission deadline: 30 June 2018 (extended)

— ALGO 2018 early registration deadline: 30 July 2018

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ESA 2018: the list of accepted papers published!
ESA 2018: Program
ESA 2018: Program

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The list of WABI 2018 accepted papers published!
WABI 2018: Program
WABI 2018: Program

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If you're coming to Southern California for STOC (June 25–29 in Los Angeles), you should stay through the end of the last day for this afternoon workshop to celebrate Vijay Vazirani's 60th birthday. The detailed schedule is at and includes talks by Manuel Blum, Leonard Schulman, Len Adleman, Dick Karp, and Umesh Vazirani.

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Deadlines for ALGO 2018 events next month:

— PACE challenge submission: 1 May 2018
— WABI 2018 submission: 4 May 2018
— IPEC 2018 abstract registration: 14 May 2018
— IPEC 2018 submission: 17 May 2018
— ALGOSENSORS abstract registration: 30 May 2018

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ESA 2018 submission deadline: 22 April 2018 (Sunday, AoE).

Submit your paper now, see you in Helsinki in August!

Sirocco 2018 Updates!

1) Submission website is open (via EasyChair; please see

2) The invited speakers are as follows:
a) Claire Mathieu, CNRS & ENS, Paris,
b) Kurt Mehlhorn, MPI, Saarbrucken,
c) David Peleg, WIS, Rehovot, and
d) Seth Pettie, University of Michigan.

For more information see
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