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Almost two years ago, back when i first made this account before the episode of sapphire came out, i made the first advanced steven universe roleplay community.
A while back it was changed and i felt angered about that.
But.. today i am bringing it back, with one of the previous mods and some newer ones!
Rules will be set up and profiles must me approved, further info will be given
thanks y'all!
-Aristocratic Sapphire~


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Crackles neckle
Lets see if I made this good enough
All artle madele byle +jujule

~B A S I C~

Name: Christopher Parks

Nickname: Chris

Gemstone Placement: Palm

Birthdate: 11/30/2001

Birth Place: Beach city hospital

Actual Age: 15

Physical Age: 16

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

~P E R S O N A~

Personality: Chris is usually calm and happy, but he is also very easy to anger. He broke out of his anti-social shell and is now huge on meeting people

Biography: Like most hybrids, Chris has a father that takes care of him while his mother is dead. Well, that's not the case, see while growing up with no mother Chris has had multiple problems, one of them meant his father bringing multiple women into the house and him meeting every single one of them. Sooner or later Chris started asking questions about his mother, and why she is never at the house with then whenever that happened his father changed the subject and Chris forgot all about what he had asked. Five years, Chris is now nine, and this is where he summoned his weapon, it was during a fight that he had got into, with his fourth grade bully, Chris was angry when he had summoned it and like what happens to all people who brings weapons to school, they get expelled, and now, skip five more years, Chris is now fourteen and in high school, he now tries to stay calm and cool and tries to help those in need. Well, now he is currently trying to get stronger, stronger than the person, no people who have saved his life, multiple times, he hates having to be the 'damsel in distress' and he wants to repay his debt to those who have saved him, he now currently lives with a pearl he found, or his “Space-Mom” he found her bubbled in his basement while trying to get the power back what he does now is whenever he sees and opportunity to gain some knowledge on himself or anyone, he takes it with open arms.

Likes: Chris likes to spend time with his friends on and offline.
He loves music mostly hip-hop
He tends to write music depending on his mood
Chris likes fighting underground in the ring. He usually fights single matches

Dislikes: He dislikes anyone who disrespects him because his mom is "Dead"
He hates tomatoes with a burning passion

~A P P E A R A N C E:~ (Not needed if picture is provided)

Height: 5.9

Weight: 145

Body Type: Scrawny

Hair Type: Spiked-ish

Hairstyle: One that resembles Sora

Hair Color: White

Eyes Color: Green

Skin Color: Mid-Brown

Clothes: Red hooded Short-Sleeved shirt, Black Knee length shorts, and a Black pair of shoes

~D E T A I L S~

Gemstone Info: Spinel is a stone that can bring high energy to all efforts and all realms. In the outer world, spinel is used to attract money, wealth, and prosperity. It can also be used to bring vitality to any endeavor.

Fusion Dance Style: Though he hasn’t danced with anyone to fuse, it would be ballroom style dancing.

Gem Room Appearance: Chris does not have one

Weapon: A blade that resembles the Dream Sword
Special Features > If needed Chris can summon another one of his blades, and dual wield

Strengths: Chris' cheery-ness can be seen as a strength, boosting the confidence of others. His anger is one as well, seeing how it can get him out of sticky situations

Weaknesses: his anger. This is also a weakness, seeing how it could get him in, or out of said situation

Power(s): Fire Hand!: This is an attack that Whit(White Tourmaline) Has thought him, this can be activated whenever Chris is either angry or calm, though, the flame tends to be more intense whenever he gets angry.

Way Pass Pissed Off!: This is an ability that Chris has gained from fighting a strong opponent. (lost rp) he unlocked this from well, being wound up to the point where his gears have wound up way too much and he gained a boost in every stat, speed, strength, Defence, etc, but he tends to try and murder this opponent whenever he is in this state

Mother knows best: When feeling an emotion very strongly, Chris tends to lose control with said emotion and his mother would soon take over somehow and do something for him. Either get them out of a situation or fight for him. Though, this has only happened when he had to fight his mother’s comrades

~R E L A T I O N S~

Friends: Quincy Carbonado Smith(Online/Real life friend. If possible, Chris would be more of a mother-type of friend) White tourmaline/Whit(Whit is like a mentor to Chris than anything) Pearl-Burgundy-(His mother figure)

Romantic Interest(s): None yet
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