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Don't forget about Learn To Homebrew Day, coming up this Saturday!!!

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Hey folks,

To better facilitate club communications, please go to the website and sign up for our mailing list. We ain't gonna spam ya! This is just for reminders of events - such a Oaken Cup submission deadlines.


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Morning folks!

Just want to take a minute to remind all that we have a forum. I spoke to a lot of folks yesterday at the +American Homebrewers Association rally who do not have Google+, or who don't use Google+ for the communities, and I want to make sure these guys get a chance to interact. Additionally, the forum is free to read without registration, which might lead to more membership.

When you get a minute, check it out. The Google+ community isn't going anywhere, but I'd like to see the forum become an active one!

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The +Nickelpoint Brewing tour has been rescheduled to 6/28/15 @ 3PM. Thanks to Shannon for being AWESOME!

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Good evening, guys. Two short pieces of business:

1) We have a group brew day at +House of Hops on Sat 4/18 @ 11AM. We'll have a group pale ale recipe for those interested, or you can brew your own.

2) In an effort to merge the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ communities, we are encouraging everyone to migrate to the website and forum. You can find both at

Thanks for your support!

We now have a website and online forum:

#homebrew #ncbeer #RDWHAHB

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I have started work on a new club website. Its not supposed to be a fancy one, just one that folks can go to if they don't like Fcebook/Twitter/Google+. The site address is If anyone knows WordPress,or if anyone wants to write blog posts let me know.
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