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((Open rp for boys))
ur name was Frau and u always hated cats cause they were super hairy. U were also a demon hunter and u wanted to go out for a bit. U noticed a cat wondering around but it was no ordinary cat. U walked closer and then when u looked at me, u thought I looked really hot.(cause your a pervert and u liked porn) I was a cat named Cheshire and I was always shooed out of the house cause I was a cat. U couldn't take it...u had to keep me as a slave....u had to get ur hands all over me so u.... ((use the name given in this rp.
READ VERY CAREFULLY..... ITS NOT DIFFICULT!!!!! Must be dominant but somewat gentle. Sex toys are optional))
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(J/T):Job Title

I’ve run out of reasons why this works.

You and Mia have been dating for about 3 years now. You live together, both recently graduated from college, and have steady jobs. She works as a substitute teacher, and you work as a (J/T). Sounds like a simple, easy relationship.

You wish.

The two of you are constantly arguing, and have broken up seven times now. You both are extremely toxic for the other, yet hold each other up. You can’t give each other up. You do love each other, greatly. You have a drinking problem and are always going out, while she is constantly working and is barely ever home.


One day, Mia comes home late, per usual. It normally doesn’t bug you too much, but tonight it especially did because it was your 3 year anniversary. She walked inside and heard a bottle be smashed against a counter. You were drunk. You started drinking while waiting for her. She walked in cautiously and what you said next appalled her...

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Mia Hermosa
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde/lavendar
Eye color: dark green/grey
Height: 5’4
Nationality: Swedish/Irish, accent tinted voice.
Likes: Green, Strawberry(anything), The Internet(it’s kinda her job), Music(specifically Kpop), Reading, Horoscopes, Children, onesies, her fans and her amazing sense of style.
Dislikes: Grape flavored anything, exercise(yet she does it every week), Close-minded people, faux pockets, college, most people, and greasy foods.
Biggest Fear: Being judged/disappointing
Goal: Live out a healthy lifestyle and keep her dry humor and constant boredom with life(unless she meets someone who changes that wink wink)
(If you have anymore questions about Mia, email me: )
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Tommy! Pay attention please

Beatrix found herself at her sons school more than her part-time job. It seemed as if she was balancing her day job and having to see her son's teacher. She took on two jobs after the death of her husband and her son Tommy's father. The two women never realized how much he did for them until he was gone. Bills started coming in and Beatrix had to take on all of them and not just half. This gave her no freedom to go back to school and finish college. Or pursue the dream she put on hold when she found out she was pregnant. The time she has free she gave up to a second job. She worked all day while her son was at school and put him to sleep around eight just as she left for her second job. She wouldn't return home until around two and sleep until eight and start the process over again

Now add in a very involved teacher and things become more of a hassle. His mother's death struck Tommy hard. He was only around four when it happened so he didn't have any clear memories of her. Beatrix made a point to always tell stories about her to put him to sleep. But when it came to scolding and consequences Bea lacked those skills. It wasn't until she got a call from Mr. L/N called her to a teacher's conference. They would talk for a short moment about her son's behavior and make the same agreement to do better. And that Tommy was "too smart" to behave such a way. And for the next couple days it happened all over again. However, each day it happened it was less about Tommy's behavior and more about what was going on at home. As if Mr. L/N was gaining an interest in his students mother just as much as he had for the child.

The conferences became more frequent and more personal with each one that passed by. This was a bit unsettling for Beatrix but the teacher couldn't help but be fascinated by the woman although she was completely oblivious to the fact that he wasn't calling the conferences to talk about Tommy anymore. The teacher had taken notice of the dark circles under her eyes and the way she almost dozed off while he was talking to him. The way she lost focus and constantly had to take phone calls and manage things in the middle of their conference. Mr. L/N hoped that the meetings would give Bea some time to sit down and gather her thoughts while he learned new things about her.

As Bea got more and more suspicious he called less conferences. The teacher knew that they had to come clean about the real reason he called the conference. So of course, he called another and sat behind his chair as he waited for her to walk in. She walked inside and pulled up a seat in front of his desk and nodded as a greeting Afternoon Mr. L/N. Is there a specific reason you wanted to speak?
Story Credit to +ᴄʜᴀsᴇTM 

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Name chaos
Likes nothing
Dislikes hates everything ayaynd everyone

How's this for a profile

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Name: Aruha
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Sibling(s): none
Best Friend(s): (open)
Likes: Dubstep, adventures, making friends
Dislikes: mean people,
Personality:  Charming, cocky,

Fears: letting his anger get the best of him
Strengths: his looks, his karate training
Agility: can turn into another animal
Cunning: 7
Defense: 10
Perception: 8

Appearance: dark gray wolf with orange eyes and blue hair
Accent Color(s): 
Eye color(s): orange
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Anyobe watched Rosario + Vampire best anime I watched well Fairy Tail is better

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Who wants to roleplay? :)

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If only I could make my own anime she would be a character
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