Although we are based in Minneapolis, MN, we are capable of handling projects anywhere in the nation. Our installers have completed projects on both coasts and many places in between. If you have projects in several states and would like to have some continuity with your window coverings supplier, contact us.

By far, the most requested style of window covering for business today is the screen shade. Screen shades are roller shades that use an open weave fabric, allowing a view to the outside while dimming the glare from the sun. Screen shades are available with a variety of "openness factors." The openness factor indicates how dense the weave is. A fabric with a 10% openness factor means that 10% of the surface area is open and 90% is fabric. Higher openness factors allow more view but less shading. If a computer is used in the area, an openness factor of 5% or less is desirable. See an extensive assortment of screen shades at our website.
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