Still need more good neigh...feel free to add me and send your invitation..

Lv. 56
City name boegies

Active play and send gift from your wishlist..

Please add me
ID thefreddy88
Level 180

My phone has to undergo emergency surgery due to a fall (New front and back). So i will not be playing next week.
As always I am looking for new active neighbors, so if you can wait a week, Please add me so we can play together :-)
City: CPH
Lvl: 56
Google Play id. Megapolis1313

Hey I'm still looking for some new neighbors... I'm playing daily and I'm sending Gifts daily. Please add me!

Level: 155
City: Kraftklub
ID: xoevatxo

Thanks! :)

Please add me.
I am playing every day and send gifts from wishlist every day
City: CPH
Google Play id. Megapolis1313
Level: 35

Would like to get new neighbours.
My GoogleId is: MichaelSalling
Cityname: Lindved
Level: 84
I play several times each day and I send gift from wishlist only every day
I visit to speed up contrcts often
So please add me :-)

Dear players
I have started a new game and is looking for neighbours.
I play many times each day.
I send gifts from wishlist every day.
I try to visit/help as much as possible
Cityname. Neverland

still looking for active neighbours
any level is accepted
GPID BernieThai
Level 298

bonjour. Je recherche de nouveaux voisins. ajoutez moi mon ID de joueur schtroumpfette95oklm . merci

Hello. I am looking for new neighbors. add me my player ID schtroumpfette95oklm. thank you

GPG: HumorousFairy28887
City: Luthorville
Level: 112

Daily player and send gifts based upon your wishlist.
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