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I'm glad that the storm season is starting again! There's been a lot of tornado activity in Iowa. I'm sorry for the people in western Iowa though... They got pounded by over 70 tornadoes!

Here in Nash County in Northeastern NC. We have a winter storm warning from 9am Wednesday to 6pm Thursday. Snow upwards of 1-4 inches, sleet and possible freezing rain. With possible ice accumulation of up to 1/2 inch. 

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to share these time lapse videos I made of clouds moving around and changing. I think it might help you learn a little bit more about Storm Spotting too.

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I just want to get started in the category of Storm Anatomy. I actually have a few questions myself. I want to get this straight. Does the updraft of the storm come in front or behind the storm? I'm pretty sure it's in front? Am I right?

If it is in front, It's because the cold airmass that is causing the storm, is plowing under the warm air, causing it to rise, right? 

I would be thankful for any responses.
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