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We just received the notification email from the DoR regarding tax form orders. I made a brief post on the other Google communities, but I will provide you with the email in its entirety below. Please let me know if you have questions about this.

Dear Librarian,

Thank you for your service to Wisconsin taxpayers by making tax forms available at your location(s). You may now order your 2016 Wisconsin income tax forms. Please submit your order using our forms order system by December 9, 2016.

2015 Order History:
In an effort to reduce the cost associated with unused paper tax forms, please order the number of forms you distributed last year. Determine your 2016 tax form needs based on how many you used last year and reduce that number if you had forms left over.

We want to provide forms to taxpayers who need them and reduce waste associated with unused forms. With the growth of electronic filing and the availability of free filing options, last year, approximately 85% of Wisconsin individual income tax returns were filed electronically.

Details of your 2015 library orders are available on our website (

How to Order 2016 Wisconsin Tax Forms:
Order your 2016 Wisconsin income tax forms using our library forms order system ( You can also access this application at Follow these steps:
• Click the 'Governments' tab
• Click 'Libraries'
• In the Order Forms box, select 'Forms Order System'

Step 1: Enter complete information in the Library screen.

Step 2: Click on 'Next', which opens the Selection screen. Enter the number of forms needed in the box in front of each form type.

Step 3: Click on 'Next', which opens the Review screen.
• If your order is not correct, click on 'Previous' to correct information
• If your order is correct and you want to print a copy of your order, right click and select 'Print'
• Click on 'Place Order'
• Click on 'Print Confirmation Code' and 'Exit Forms Ordering System'

More E-filing – Less Paper

We appreciate you encouraging your customers to use the following services:

• Wisconsin e-file – it's free, secure and accurate!
Each year, more Wisconsin taxpayers file their income tax returns electronically using our e-file
application called Wisconsin e-file. Many taxpayers get their refunds within a week with direct
deposit. Wisconsin e-file is available on our website.

• Online Forms
All Wisconsin tax forms are available on our website.

If you have any questions or need assistance with placing your order, please contact Kathleen Henry at (608) 261-7601 or email Please submit your order by December 9th.

Remember to sign up for our library electronic mailing list to receive important communications specifically related to libraries.

Thank you for your time and effort in providing assistance to Wisconsin taxpayers!

Just a heads up that, as promised, my blog post on fundraising will come out on Thursday. I will link it here and we can have some dialog about it if you wish.

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Tapping into my Boot Camp resources... The links in the Running a Facility presentation are dead. I'm looking for spreadsheets for a Capital Improvement Plan and a Building Maintenance checklist. Can you help again, Shannon?

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As promised, please see my post about SALES TAX (and a bit about tax exemption status) on the Wisconsin Libraries for Everyone blog: DPI uses this blog to communicate important information to the public, so enter your email in the text box on the right side of the page if you want to follow us.

Hi Shannon, I'm looking for Connie Myers' presentation from breakfast on Day 2 of Boot Camp. I can't find it on the Boot Camp site, but I may be missing it. Can you help?

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In response to some discussion at the boot camp, I am going to write my next blog post for Wisconsin Libraries for Everyone on Sales Tax. It should post on October 19.
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