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Hey it's Ghouls Rule my tablet broke so I have this account +Tessa Bush

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"Want to get into trouble came to the right place"

Name: Glead Hanaster
Sexualality: Straight
Hair color blue that fades into a purple
Eye color: crystal blue
Likes: skating, sports, and P.E.
Hates: People, nice, school, and everything else
"See you later and maybe we can try to fight better"

Can I change my name

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Name: May
Age: 17
Crush: none
Personality: has mix personalities. (Can be shy one day then out going the next)
Sexuality: straight
Bio: nothing much to say. Was abused when younger so took karate classes. When in middle school started to ride rolloerblades and skateboards every day.
Likes: Games, food, and her skate board
Dislikes: people with attitudes.
(Its a random picture I found online)

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Well due to someone having the same picture as the one I originally posted with my character. I decided to draw. There she is then her skateboard and the gloves she uses when skateboarding.
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Name: Nicolas
Age: 17
Crush: Chelsea Cabello
Personality: Outgoing
Bio: I'm Nicolas, I'm from Yandere
Likes: Red, black, cute girls, outgoing girls, nice girls, Death, trouble making, detention
Dislikes: Extremely shy girls, death

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 Name: Salocin
Age: 17
Crush: +Day Wing 
Personality: Quiet
Bio: I'm Salocin, I'm from Yandere
Likes: Blue, white, Day
Dislikes: Death

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Name: Primsley Titular
Likes: skateboarding, music, and videogames
Dislikes: dresses, makeup, and school
Favorite quote: "I'm going to break you then build you then break you again."
Bio: I have a dark past. I have no friends at all. I am usually at a skateboarding championship. Doesn't talk much.

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I'm sitting on my skate board staring at the beach you sit next to me oh hi (male needed plz but girl fine...I guess)

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Likes: starbucks, anime, skate boarding of course
Dislikes: being single, video games, school
Name: Layla Ginger
Age: 19
Nickname: Gingy
Personality: happy, mysterious, flirty, kind
Crush: none... yet :)
Appearance: light red-ginger hair, blue eyes, freckles, tan
Bio: I came from a city that hates the idea of female skateboarders, so I moved from Boston to here. And here I am
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