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First video of VR For Beginners series now on Tinkerbrains VR. Get an overview of the various Mobile Virtual Reality Headsets.

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Coming Up Tonight on YouTube:
First video of the first series 'VR Development for Beginners: Creating a Google Cardboard App'.

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Tinkerbrains VR

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New post about the implementation of a #camera script to prevent the player from being occluded by walls or other objects in the environment. Complete project in github. #unity3d #unitydev #unitytips

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New post about my experience with optimization in #unity3d using draw call batching. Hope it's useful. #unitydev #unitytips #gamedev

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Right to left languages with Unity3D RTL plugin: Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Urdu, Yiddish, Kurdish and Pashto
Advanced text converter for right to left (RTL) languages.
Asset Store:

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Multiplayer Lover Get Started Now

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Hi there,

If you are interested in getting started with C# and Unity fast then this new book should help.

There are many book on the topic; however, you may not have much time to get started with C#, and you may prefer a format that makes it possible to get stated fast and to delve right into the information that you really need.

So this is the reason why I created A Quick guide to C# with Unity that should get you started smoothly with this language when used in Unity.

In this book, you will discover how to program in C# and you will learn most of the foundation blocks that you need to get started with C# (e.g., variables, methods, events, or Object-Oriented concepts) using a hands-on approach where you learn and practice as you go. It is written for total beginners and includes step-by-step instructions. You will also learn about Object-Oriented Principles (e.g., classes, variable scope, events, constructors, etc.), Variables, conditional statements, loops, and other useful structures, Common C# methods used in Unity and their uses, and the workflow involved in creating and running a script in Unity.

This book is part of a series entitled A Quick Guide To where you have the opportunity to get started on a particular topic in less than 60 minutes, delving right into the information that you really need.

The Quick Guide to C# with Unity is available today for $1.99 and you can grab your copy now.

- Pat

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Hi Guys,

If you are interested in learning (or teaching) how to implement realistic Artificial Intelligence for 3D RPG and FPS games, then this new book should help.

Unity from Proficiency to Mastery (Artificial Intelligence) includes 6 chapters that show how to import, animate, and control 3D characters in Unity, and it it also explains how you can apply common AI techniques, using Unity and C#, to make your game more challenging and fun to play.

The idea behind this book is to help with creating challenging games with NPCs that are smart, believable, and more importantly, NPCs that challenge the player.

After reading this book, you will be able to make it possible for NPCs to navigate the scene (e.g., using a random or set path), sense the world around them (e.g, hear, smell, or see the player), make smart decisions based on their senses or their current state (e.g., look for ammunition or health when these run low) or react to the players' moves (e.g., set an ambush, follow and attack the player, or flee).

The book includes over 350 pages, with plenty of explanations and screen-shots, as well as the code solutions for each chapter, and covers important topics such as Finite-State Machines in Unity, Animator Controllers, 3D character animation, Navigation costs and areas, State Behaviors, Group movement, Melee combat, and much more...

Unity from Proficiency to Mastery (Artificial Intelligence) is on promotional offer on Amazon today.

All the best,

- Patrick
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