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New event posted! Join us next Thursday, July 14th at 7pm est to talk 2-player RPGs with special guest +Party of One Podcast!

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Join me next Thursday 6/16 to playstorm a behind-the-scenes film larp loosely inspired by The Shining! No familiarity with the source material necessary.

This isn't a playtest. Just a focused discussion about mechanics, story, and pacing! Excited!
Something a little different this month! I'm working on a larp inspired by the infamous behind-the-scenes nightmare that occurred during the filming of the 1980 horror film, The Shining.

I have thoughts about how to make or break the design, and I'd love help working through some of these ideas!

Join me Thursday, June 16th at 7pm est to talk about mechanizing film industry sexism, addiction, and compulsive script rewriting!

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The Crowdfunding for All Sizes hangout is a week away! I'd love to gather up some questions in advance, so if you have crowdfunding questions in mind for any of the designers, drop them into this thread!

This one is a watch-only hangout, but the hangout will be streaming live on air, and there's no limit to how many people can watch. Looking forward!

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Here are notes and resources from yesterday's convo! As you can see, I started typing them out in detail, then lost steam and just added bullet points. Feel free to ask questions if you'd like to know more about any discussion topics. :)

Some of my favorite highlights:

+Chris Bennett talked about Interactions Dynamics Notation in the HIVE at Stanford. We chatted about overlaps in collaborative and GMless gaming, and where these systems succeed and fail.

+Paul Czege talked about Traverser and a solarpunk vision of collapse.

+Evan Rowland talked about texting and distraction as a game mechanic. Can we build a game around texting and mechanize player-level distraction?

+Aleksandra Sontowska and +Jourdan Cameron talked about managing large group dynamics. When is it okay to split into sidebar conversations and when does it hurt the speaker, who no longer feels heard? At what point in a large group is a split necessary? How can we manage large group games it worth syncing these groups back up?

+Sean Nittner seems to know about a lot of underwater games.

Thanks for a great talk, everyone! Looking forward to the next one!

Two spots just opened up for the last 15 minutes of chatting!

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First event scheduled for next Monday!
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