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here is the key to the Unit 4 review

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Thursday thru Tuesday, Feb 15-20
Prepare for Unit 4 Test on Stats

Thursday - Work on Test Review (see below)
Friday - Check in super notes, go over Quiz, Quiz corrections
Tuesday - turn in Quiz Corrections and take Unit 4 Test on Stats

Wednesday, Happy Valentine's Day

1. notes on residuals
2. page 83-84 for homework

Monday, Feb. 12
4.2.2. Linear Regression

1. collect data on reaction time
2. how to use calculator
3. homework is pages 71-72

Wednesday, Feb. 7
Review for quiz

We will have a quiz tomorrow on all that we have learned on stats thus far. today we will work on review packet where we collect our own data.

Tuesday, Feb. 6
2-way frequency tables

1. Go over homework
2. examples on page 53
3. Homework on pages 57-59

Monday, Feb. 5
4.3.1 Shape, Standard Deviation, Spread

1. Notes and review homework
2. Homework: Page 45 and 46

Friday, Feb. 2
4.1.2 Comparing Data (box-whisker)

1. go over homework
2. examples on the calculator
3. Homework is pages 31-32. Create and compare box-whiskers of data and write a paragraph addressing the centers and spreads of the data

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The man behind the success for the New England Patriots. The inportance of math in sports

Thursday, Feb. 1
4.1.1 Creating Box-Whisker graphs

1. Do examples 1,2,3 on the calculator and by hand
2. Homework: page 19-20
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