Hey is this group dead? Or should I bother to post a character?

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Mizuki cups her hand together blowing on them then rubbing them together Jeez why does it have to be so cold... It's the middle of spring, I wish Ed was here I'd just fight him for his jacket....
* She looks around as she notices a small town lit up in the distance the proceeds to make her way down to it but stops when she hears a twig snap behind her* Who's there? she turns around while transmuting two Ice daggers

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"I've committed a terrible sin, i can never take it back, and i can never forgive myself, despite this, i keep moving."
"i live to learn now, because I've lost everything else"

Name: Michael Hitzfeld
Occupation: State Alchemist
Age: 24
height: 5'7"
Gender: Male
Likes: Studying, Alchemical research, sparing.
Dislikes: war, fighting, slightly dislikes Armstrong
Bio: his early life was harsh, he attempted to transmute his brother back to life , he lost his left arm in the attempt, after that he did more research into alchemy, he simply wants to live his life out after that, he became a state alchemist when he was 21, able to show unparalleled alchemic skill in the military test, he shown a new form of alchemy, able to ultra-compress materials with his invented circle.
Abilities of this alchemy range from compression of matter into a smaller form of equal weight, he can do this to the air as well, which causes a vacuum and a sudden shock-wave of the air exploding outward.
Abilities: alchemy without a circle, although he uses the circle for larger objects
Appearance: Picture
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"No matter how many times you knock me down, I'll just get right back up again! I'll keep fighting till my last breath!"

"I am strong because I have people to protect."

"If there's something you don't understand, learn to understand it."

Name- Mizuki Kimura
Age- 16
Gender- Female
Race- Human

Height- 5'0"
Weight- 135 lbs
Hair Color- Light Brown
Hair Length- Mid Back
Eye Color Light Blue
Clothes- Brown Xing style dress that stops above just above her knees with pale yellow and pink designs along the hems. For shoes she wears a pair of brown flat sandals that have ankle ribbons that help keep her shoes in place (Basically greek style sandals), she still wears her trinity knot necklace.

Personality- Mizuki is actually very stubborn and childish, but when things get serious she tends to get serious as well. She can sometimes be reckless when angry or temperamental. She is also very protective of her friends and other people she cares about.

Likes- Mizuki enjoys reading during her free time as well as picking on Edward when she gets the chance (putting him in headlocks) and pulling pranks on him. She also likes being outdoors and prefers spicy food (Mainly Spicy Chicken)
Dislikes- Mizuki has a strong disliking of bullies and hates seeing her friends hurt. She also hates feeling weak.
Fear/Weakness- Mizuki has a terrible fear of Spiders and Thunderstorms.

Ability- Mizuki is an Alchemist, She has a ring with a transmutation circle on it so she can quickly perform alchemy (Uses water and Ice Alchemy)

Bio- Mizuki was found by a stream at the age of five one day by a woman whose name was Helen (Mizuki always called her Miss Helen). When Mizuki woke up she couldn't remember anything from her past, so Miss Helen decided to raise her. So Mizuki grew up on the outskirts of resembool with her.

One day Mizuki was reading and came across a book on alchemy and she decided to try it out one day. After testing out alchemy she decided to leave and find a teacher.

While she was out trying to find a teacher she also learned a few things about her parents. After training for two years she greatly improved her alchemic skills and decided to move on to central to find more clues about her parents.

Upon her travels she came across a few strange but amazing people who she has come to consider good friends.

One was Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist. She met him in a small town and decided to help take down an assassin who was killing State Alchemist. The other person who she befriended was a girl with split personalities, whose name is Jessica.

Jessica ended up being the assassin they were after. Once they found out they tried to stop her but usually they would end up in the hospital. They are still trying to catch her, Mizuki doesn't really want to see her in jail. After a long game of cat and mouse they had decided to split up.

Mizuki is currently following some leads she got on her parents...

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you see me shape shift into my wolf form as a male do she the same he turns into a black wolf and I chase after him
Shadow: WHY!!!
(I guess it's an open role play...)

((i can't tag u))
summit and melody were walking around a old abandoned warehouse the two suddenly heard a noise the two turn around to see a figure 
summit: HEY WHO ARE YOU!?!!?!?

I need a role play buddy.
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