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Mutant: Year Zero Utilities—A review of the Mutant: Year Zero Maps and Markers Pack for use with Mutant: Year Zero – Roleplaying at the End of Days, the post-apocalypse roleplaying game published by Free League Publishing and Modiphius Entertainment in English.

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Are you a fan of my unpublished DCC gonzo "Last Sun" setting? Well, now I'm going to be publishing it, for the OSR, in the way most appropriate to the themes of my my campaign: Half-assed and in pieces!

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GW alternate campaign from early TSR game (retread or original).

Find Omegakron for Lords of Creation rpg. Great setting for GW gaming.

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Umerica needs you!
Only a handful of hours left to pledge allegiance to the Umerican Survival Guide Kickstarter! Five stretch goals have been unlocked and now all pledge levels get PDF copies of the following:

The Umerican Survival Guide
The Twisted Menagerie Manual with 2 updates to the content
The Children of the Sun gazetteer by +Sean Ellis
The Killer of Giants adventure by +Forrest Aguirre

And for only $90 you get PDFs and Print On Demand at-cost printing codes for all of the above, PLUS PDFs of all 18 issues of the Crawling Under a Broken Moon zine. A true Umerican value!

We are well on our way to unlocking more stretch goals involving the Deck of Twisted Terrors, more updates to the Twisted Menagerie Manual, and the Road Gangs of the Umerican Wastelands supplement!

Pledge now or forever regret your folly!

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The Zone Quartet II—A review of Mutant: Year Zero – Zone Compendium 2 – Deep Blue Sea, four locations and encounters to take your Mutant: Year Zero campaign to sea.

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We are over 9000! The Umerican Survival Guide Kickstarter officially hit its first stretch goal: The Twisted Menagerie Manual! Unleash the monsters!

The next Stretch Goal is The Children of the Sun Gazetteer by +Sean Ellis. Let's knock this one out of the park!

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the Kickstarter here or on the KS itself.

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I am pleased to announce that the Umerican Survival Guide Kickstarter is now live and ready to accept your pledge! What is the Umerican Survival Guide? Umerica is a super science & sorcery post apocalyptic setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics role playing game from Goodman Games set in a weird, twisted version of North and Central America. It originated in the Crawling Under a Broken Moon fanzine but the Umerican Survival Guide is a fully revised and fleshed out version of the setting.

Please go to to read more about the project and see all of our amazing pledge options.

Thank you for all of your support,
Reid San Filippo

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Issue #18 of Crawling Under a Broken Moon is available for purchase!

It is at the printer and will be ready soon!

This issue contains:
> A new Interesting Place to Die: The Menfish Pyramid of the Bass Masters!

> The Hybrid, A new alluring character class

> New rules for underwater combat

> New rules for watercraft creation and combat

> And a passel of new amphibious beasties to encounter

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