(Looks around.Activates my damaged robot which I was too lazy to repair.Sends rocket.)This will kill them.(Aims rocket at Fawful's territory.)Midbus:A rocket is coming!Fawful:I know!It must've been sent by the finkrats that we hate!Let's return it to them!(Midbus catches the rocket and he throws it back to the amusement park.)Me:Oh noes!(The amusement park blows up and there are wrecked things everywhere!Everyone turns and looks at me.)That...wasn't me...definitely not me.

Liek if yor stil awake.

Lemmy: (eating candy)
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Lemmy: Welcome!

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Turns into a cat and gets a bag of marshmallows for being cute, Eats some marshmallows

Where should I go first...?


I paid 20 coins for this? Meh... At least they have a food court.

a Koopaling with rainbow hair and a rainbow shell is walking around the park, looking like he's lost
???: Hello? Guys? Where are you?
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