I would like to know the formula for making the sum of the same cell on several tabs on a tab that summarizes all the others.

Ex: I have 5 tabs named "tab 1" - "tab 2" ETC ....
On the tab "Recap" I want to sum the cell A1 on each of the 5 tabs.

I tried SUM (tab1: tab5! A1)
But without success.

Could you help me ?

Have a good day.

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Would anyone be able to help me? I'm trying to fill a list that auto populates based on if there is a value grater than 0 in specific cells. I have no idea what I'm doing and would greatly appreciate any help. Is it even possible?

I trade in stock market and my broker provides real time quotes in excel by RTD function. I have all my calculations in google sheet and i want quotes to be in google sheets but RTD function is not working in google sheets. Can anyone please advise how to get data from my broker in google sheet, any replacement for RTD in google sheet? (I don't want to use googlefinance function as it is very delayed)

I just found a nice new feature on Google Sheets concerning notes. One now has the ability to grab the lower right corner and pull to enlarge the note. It's a good addition. Thank you, Google staff.

I have a data sheet. In column 1 called 'Fruit' I have fruit listed, some multiple times. In column 2, they all have their own description (no one description is the same)

Column 1 Column 2
Apple Green, crunchy
Pear Green, small
Banana Yellow, ripe
Apple Red, crunchy
Apple Red, small and ripe
Banana Yellow, medium size

On a separate tab, I want to create a drop down in column 1, to give a list of the fruit (which I can do in data validation, list from range) BUT where I am stuck is in column 2, I would like a drop down list which pulls down a list of those descriptors from column 2 from my data sheet specifically for that fruit.

Column 1
'drop down list'

Apple is selected

Column 2
'drop down list'
Green, crunchy
Red, crunchy
Red, small and ripe

I'm not sure what formula I need :-/

Hello, I need your help!
Since this morning all functions CNUM or when google sheet tries to transform text to decimal number, everything goes wrong...
(see the video)

Will google sheets also disappear after April 2, 2019? If so, how do I download or save what I have created?

I enjoy this community a bunch.
With Google plus going away if anyone starts a Discord server for Google Sheets please give me an invite.

If you don't know about discord, it is really really nice. It is just like G+ communities only you can do more!!

Let me know

Where can I follow them after g +?
Mewe ??

I have a question hopefully someone will be able to help with. I’ve recently set up a Google Form as a way to manage our breakfast system at our school. We have 850 pupils and 200 staff so wanted to make it as quick as possible to complete.
Basically on the first page they are prompted to select which year group (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) or staff
Then it takes them to a which form say (a,b,c,d,e)
where they then select their name then they select how many are joining them for breakfast ( ie parents having breakfast)
so effectively the quiz is over 3 sections. We want it fast and as simple as possible.

When I use the google sheets responses it outputs them into multiple columns.
I’ve been able to combine the results so I only ever see the form, childs name and how many dining for breakfast. However this doesn’t do it when new form response entries are added.
Is there a better solution, for the quiz or my spreadsheet?

Many thanks!!!
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