As you review each math portfolio example, make note of any elements that you find of particular interest. Consider what pieces of work were included, what feedback was provided, and how was the work assessed. Share your thoughts.

In what ways have you already used PBL activities?
How can you improve your instruction using PBL activities?

Hello all. I am looking for resources to share with teachers on teaching students the purpose of the lesson - explicitly teaching the "what & why" of content being taught (i.e., WHY do you need to know how to combine like terms, WHY do you need to know what the associative/commutative property is, beyond "it'll be on the state test...")

What are some potential opportunities as well as roadblocks that you could face while implementing a flipped classroom?

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As you watch, think about how a variety of assessments help us support our students, and how we can use the date from the assessments to inform our instruction.

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Strategies that Make Learning Last Module:
1. What are the high yield strategies used in the classroom?
2. What outcomes were achieved by using these strategies?

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Making your Questions Essential Module:

1. What makes a successful question?
2. How could you use "essential questions" throughout a unit?
3. What is the effect of asking a question rather than stating an objective?

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Our community is taking a break. Take a few weeks off to recharge your battery and fine tune that math brain. See you in the 2016-2017 school year. Happy Summer!

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Best Coding Tools for Middle School

Middle school is a perfect time to get students coding, but by then, students might be at different levels of familiarity. We've handpicked these tools so that students at every level of knowledge and achievement will find something useful -- from more visual, building block-style coding tools great for beginners to advanced courses and tutorials that get students learning and using real languages to make apps, websites, and games. Click the link below to be taken to a whole new world of coding.

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When working with my own staff on various ways to assess students, I came across several digital tools that I thought would be extremely helpful and continue to help students gain 21st century skills.

1. Animoto- Gives students the ability to make a short, 30-second share video of what they learned in a given lesson.
2. Geddit-Allows students to give instant feedback about their understanding of questions and assignments in real-time and privately.
3. Nearpod-This tool is nice in that you can not only gather evidence of student learning like an all student response system but you can also create differentiated lessons based on the data you collected. The basic version (30 students or less) is free.

These are some amazing tools that you can use to not only engage your students, but to also collect real time data on student mastery.
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