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Breakfast Wed morning (2-10-16) at the Smokehouse Restaurant. Free Parking at the rear of the store. See you at 8:30 am

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John I worked John KG9HV last night and he said to say Happy Holidays and missed hearing you lately. Someday I want to learn how to do QSL cards like you guys do.
Merry Christmas 

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The WV Chapter will operating QRP on Wednesday afternoon (September 24th) from Grantsville, WV. The Calhoun County Park is located in the central portion of West Virginia and known to have one of the "darkest" skies in the state. It's miles from most city lights and used as a star gazing platform by many local amateur astronomers. There should be near "zero" electrical noise in this park and radio reception should be "excellent". We will be operating from a 360 degree view on a small hill at around 1,000 ft. 

We have antenna's for 40-20-10-15-17-30 meters and will set up and operate until batteries are depleted well into the night hours. We have some very good batteries! 

Steve Ashcraft (KC4URI) and myself (N8ZYA) will use the standard QRP frequencies on any, or all of the above noted bands. We will be calling CQ NA and listening for club members. We plan to camp here, under the Milky Way, and use our radios well into the night hours. 

For those working us, please "spot" us on "QRP Spots" with time and frequency. 

We're looking forward to "sitting around the campfire" and working as many NAQCC club members as possible. 


John Smithson N8ZYA 
NAQCC # 2279 
WV Chapter

Jeff Woods (N8NH) had a very rainy and windy day at Glenwood Park near Princeton today. He was set up and ready to go but severe storms and a flash flood watch made to too dangerous to keep a wire antenna in the trees. Safety is always the top priority with any outdoor transmissions.

Sorry the weather was so bad...but there's always another day. Thanks Jeff for all your efforts but there will always be more days with bright sunshine. 

The International Space Station can be heard on 145.80 MHz. around 10:30-10:45 am tomorrow morning. They're talking to a school in Maryland and you should be able to hear them on a scanner or your Ham HT.

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A summary of the Charleston Hamfest QRP Forum. 

Sure was good seeing the gang at breakfast yesterday and looking forward to the hamfest. John has done a great job preparing for the Qrp forum. 

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Results from the Huntington Museum of Radio and Technology Special Event. 

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Information on the "Special Event" from the Huntington Museum of Radio and Technology. 
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