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Name: Sakura ran.
 Age: 15
 Gender: female.
Powers if god or demigod: none.
 Species: an human who has sold her soul to the god of the underworld.
Child of: not known because they abandon her as an baby.
Likes:  books.
Dislikes: mean people.
 Occupation: following the orders of hades.
 Hobbies:  swimming, acting, running and fighting and reading.
Skills: acting, swimming, fighting and running.
Personality: stubborn, hot tempered, cold, cruel, distant, doesn't trust or speak with people except hades and his lap dogs, sly, messer, childish, smart, shy, nice, kind, caring and friendly.
 Bio: secret.
Crush: open.
Others: has wrist length violet hair and crimson and hazel eyes.

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Hi there i'm sort of new to +Google and this Communitie. I am a huge fan of Hercules and i like being in a small group. I am also trying to make friends as well. i just love Hercules i think he is so HOT! This person (I dont know who) is a very good drawer! Please Comment, like or be my friend!!

Ask for who you want.
Hercules: +Sevarn Tawhiao-Lomas​
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